6 Months Already?

Ok. So I am 6 months pregnant. Its felt a lot shorter, but then again, I have only known for 4 months.

I have this long list of thing I want to knit, and a few things I want to weave. The weaving part is going slow… I have spent the last month warping my loom with a project measuring about 30 inches wide. I have about 10 inches left to thread on the heddles, then thread all 30 + inches through the reed and to tie on to the front apron… Overall I am enjoying the process. its just a little hard to do this process from back to front due to my ever increasing belly size.

Knitting has been much more productive this last week or so. I started my first baby sweater!

Not the first baby sweater I have ever knitted. But MY first Baby sweater. I am not normally an emotional well… However there have been a few times that the though of the impending emergence of our first child has brought me close to tears.

I suppose this act of knitting is rather significant. I had spent a week designing a baby blanket in the Orenburg Lace tradition, and then looking and looking (since I purchased the yarn the first week of August) for a suitable fair isle pattern. I scoured my reference books. Nothing really jumped out at me. So I spent time swatching and drafting for the blanket.

There is another sweater on my needles that i have almost spent the last year working on. I started it last year about now, for Mark, our oldest child. It was supposed to be his Christmas Sweater. I had more than enough time to knit it AND a sweater for Libby our second child. I swatched and set up everything so that I could be done in time…. I have been more then able to knit an XL sweater in 1 months time – even WITH cables. What I had not bargained for was school. I was commuting 12 hours a week last fall, 3 days a week. When I was home, I was working on homework or sleeping, or housework etc… I had about 6 inches of the body complete by Christmas. And something wasn’t right.

I decided to let Mark ad Libby know I was knitting them sweaters and wrapped up 2 balls of yarn each and gave them at Christmas.

In January at the NAVC conference in Florida I figured out my mistake. The panels on either side of my DNA cables were not coming out right. So I frogged the thing. And started over. I finished the body of the sweater sometime around the middle of the spring semester. I blind folded Mark a few times and tried it on him. Everything was coming out right.

And then I hit the proverbial knitting wall…

Anyway, I am now finished with the first sleeve (and it still fits) and about 6 inches into the next sleeve. Fall has now arrived… I need to finish the damn sweater.  This sweater has enlightened me to the fact that I do not enjoy knitting cables.

I enjoy Fair Isle and Two Ended Knitting. One yarn in each hand, and every row different!

I used to love sock knitting… I found a pair of socks that are half finished… At the ribbing. And it like the DNA sweater are not fun. So maybe I need to start some socks that are patterned… I do love the look of some of the new cabled sock patterns. BUT IM NOT GETTING INTO THAT! My feet are cold enough. I need something that screams at me to FINISH!  … anyway…

So the baby sweater is in 3 colors of Inca Alpaca. I purchased 4 balls of yarn. I have learned a new crochet method for securing my steeks, and I am in love with this sweater! I drafted it for a 6 month old. The baby is due in December, and I am crossing my fingers that maybe – just maybe – she can wear it next winter too. The last baby sweater I knitted ws worn for 2 seasons of cold. Granted, that was when I made the sleeves too long…

I just need to cut open the arms now, and knit the sleeves, then the button bands… and find some buttons.

I need a yogurt…


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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