I bit the bullet …

I am jumping back in. I ordered like 10 balls of sock yarn a few minutes ago. And a bottle of Kookaburra delicate wool wash – safe for babies! I spent about 50.00 on the yarn. One color I wanted is not in stock yet. It may be in 10/15. I was pondering buying some other yarn too, so I figure with the sock yarn color not available yet, I had plenty of time to think about bulky yarn, or other yarn for sweater making.

In regards to the sock yarn ordered – I have a stash somewhere in storage of some rather snazzy stuff. Tofutsies and some other wonderful blends in wonderful and to die for colorways.  So why order a ton of new yarn? Its the baby sweaters fault.


How so? I just finished one sleeve. And its flown. Its marvelous! I have enjoyed every moment of its creation. And then there is a pair of socks I found that have maybe 3 inches of ribbing left to knit, and I am bored to death by them.  Just like the DNA cables I am working on… Which by the way, I am on the home stretch! I have one more inch before dividing for the arm pit and decreasing for the shoulder cap and then the saddle shoulder… IT will fly.

So I am thinking that to encourage the production and enjoyment of knitted things, I need to create things with color and 2 strands of yarn – something to keep my brain occupied and not just mindless knitting. Im sure Ill have tons of fun with the Orenburg blanket.

The only thing to do is wait for the yarn to arrive and then figure out what patterns I want to knit, then design them.

This last year has been pretty knitting devoid. I have a lot of things to catch up on … and I rather liked the idea from the Yarn Harlot – one pair of socks a month.

Ok. Now to finish consuming a rather large bowel of ice cream and then head to bed. The baby has been awfully feisty today and my stomach looks like a sac full of cats fighting… I’m just glad not to get scratched 😉


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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