I spent a few hours this afternoon – not knitting, but working on the loom. I am a new weaver, and I decided that I wanted to weave a nursing shawl (and some baby towels, but that’s another story) using a crackle weave I found on the internet. I calculated yardage and the pattern repeat, and what I would need to do to attain a reasonable salvage edge. I had already ordered new heddles and a finer reed. In July I took all the old heddles off the loom and removed all the mold from the front beam and the shafts. I even sanded the heddle rods and re blued them. I waxed them a bit to keep the bluing from rusting (again…) and threaded almost all the new heddles onto 7 of the 8 shafts. I removed the old foam from the bars beneath the shafts and replaced that with felt so that the wood wouldn’t dent from the shafts moving up and down. Jim gave me his collection of rubber IV bottle stoppers and I glued a few to the front of the castle and to the front beam supports so that the beater wouldn’t dent the wood where it meets. I also had to add some felt to the beater so that the new reed wouldn’t slip and slide around.

It took me about  a month to start measuring my warp once I had completed my “restoration” of the loom. I started the warping process after mom had visited the first week of august. Its now October, and I ran into a glitch – I am missing at least 28 warp threads, about 3 heddles (which I have already added) and my threading sequence might be off a little more. Its off at least 1 thread due to my floating salvage. Not a huge deal. The 28 threads don’t bother me quite so much either. I have about 4 inches of warp on the loom that still need threading. What scares me is that I may have threaded most of the 950 threads in the wrong order, and I might have to redo them.

Sometime after the first few inches I did figure out a better method of threading and marking my place. I have however, found myself threading incorrectly a few times. But I did catch myself. My pattern repeat is 76 threads. That’s a large number of heddles to screw up on. And there are 12 repeats of this pattern, with 28 threads per inch.

On the bright side, I’m trying warping back to front. I have all my threads on leese sticks – so If I have to re thread all my heddles, at least all those threads are still organized!

I will check my threading pattern tomorrow with fresh eyes and mind. All I need to do now is make the situation worse by checking threads tonight.

On the knitting front I have made it to the armpit region of the last sleeve to Mark’s sweater. The baby sweater has ends woven in on the sleeves, and I have knitted the facing on the neck, and Im trying to decide if I want to repeat the ribbing on the collar. I have snaps and a satin ribbon picked out to finish off the button band – which I will face and repeat the ribbing from the cuffs. I have pictures of this project during the whole process. I have been sending a few text messages to Mom showing her the pattern – after all , she did buy me the yarn and I have so enjoyed this sweater! The baby is going to be very spoiled!

My recent yarn purchase arrived from Knit Picks. 12 balls of sock yarn and the Kookaburra Delicate wool wash. It was listed as baby safe, and I know I’ll have enough sweaters to wash soon, so I ordered the larger bottle – 16 oz. There is one more ball of yarn I wanted to order, but the color way is not in stock yet, so I have to wait to order that until mid October. I think I will also have to knit a car seat bunting for the baby. I’m sure I’ll figure out how to get free shipping for the next order too. I’m still working slowly on a pair of socks from over a year ago on a cable needle that Liadan almost chewed through, so I think I’ll also need to order a new US size 2… I somehow managed to acquire 2 US size 3 needles… Not such a bad thing so far.

Well, the kids are finished with their showers and the heat has been turned on for the first time this fall. I hate having it on, but Jim did some more painting on the bedroom we plan on sharing with the baby, and its been so cold and wet. We really would like for it to dry asap – the room needs at least another coat of paint on 2 walls. So maybe tomorrow that will occur. Along with the ever growing list of chores and things to do on my list I’m sure.

Time for a bath I think. The baby has been kind enough to provide me with enough blood that my legs are not as blue this year as they were last year. However, taking a hot bath has helped ease everything else so that I can get to bed and sleep better.

It’s a good thing


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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