WTF … Wednesday ALREADY?

So most of my day has been eaten up by … I’m not sure the plethora of emotions that goes with having kids can be described in one word? And honestly, who knew it could all happen on the account of chocolate chips? 2 pounds of chocolate chips to be more accurate.

Chocolate chips shouldn’t spark such emotions. They should be reminiscent of fall afternoons coming home from school and finding mom at the stove removing a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies – or if you are me, my wonderfully decadent oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that are fought over with such vehemence.

After discussing the issue with Jim, I went home, he to a herd health check, and I waited. I made some phone calls that needed to be made, and took some pictures and sent 2 emails. I need to send some more emails with those newly taken pictures… I really wanted to get some knitting done, or at least check out the heddles on the loom. But I believe that one should never knit or produce anything that should convey love when one is upset.

Finally the children arrived home and I discussed the issues at hand. Calmly. With out shouting, swearing or crying (on my part anyway, Libby can cry at the drop of a hat). Both children then went off to their rooms to correct the state of disorder that had erupted into chaos after the chocolate chips caused such a disturbance in the force.

Now that everything is becoming right in the world (Jim’s activity on the roof seems to have sparked an interest in the neighbor, I can hear and see him with the leaf blower on the roof next door) and a fall cleaning is commencing with some hiccups (bee stings, pink stuffed animals and a question about mucinex…) I feel liek I should be doing something too.

Maybe cast off on that baby sweater for Kelley and start on some socks. Her baby is due November 8 or so. I should be getting some things in the mail for her ASAP.

I could upload those baby sweater pictures I just synced with my mac from the iBunny…

Or I could take a picture of Jim with his newest gutter contraption…


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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