Two baby sweaters and one hat finished. I feel slightly accomplished!

I started on my Orenburg baby blanket the other night. I have one “tooth” knitted on the boarder. Not much, but its a start. I need to start carrying it around with me. However, I need to finish Mark’s sweater before that can happen. I’m still at the sleeve cap armpit shaping part. Not terribly exciting, but getting close to the finish, and then I can sew it together and knit the collar.

The weather has become deliciously fall. I walked twice as far yesterday afternoon as I had last week, and felt really good afterwords. I did have to wear my big gray sweatshirt and sunglasses. The sunlight was not enough to keep me warm, but it was enough to make for a very pleasant walk.

Sunday I spent a few hours with Dreamer, trimmed her hind feet and rode her in the arena. I am planning on spending some more time with her tomorrow – she needs a bath before winter and some mane pulling. I should also bring home her saddle pad to wash… I wish that I could take her out on a little hack, but I don’t want to be out riding without someone with me as a precaution. Actually, I should never go riding alone, but I have in the past and have had a wonderful time. But you always hear of those accidents when there were groups of people and helmets…And my center of balance is way off! What I need to do is work on that and see about getting her jumping a little bit again. I should see if I can take her into the smaller arena where all the poles are and work her over those on the lunge line. That way I can also work on her canter.

What else? Oh, yes. Work today. Surgery was for a twisted cecum. The call had been for a right twisted DA, but the cow didn’t look like one and we were told to open her and find out what was wrong. It was a bit of a surprise. She was very bloated and pregnant, but we didn’t know what was were or what would happen. But things were in Jim’s luck, and we released the trapped gas, untwisted her cecum, drained it and sewed it all together, then tacked down the abomasom. She was a pretty good cow, considering all the pain she was in. Jim had me take some pictures for the herdsman, who showed up as he was closing. It took about an hour. Then we were off to another farm to look at an off feed cow – luckily it was a respiratory case, so we were able to go to lunch before the next appointment. Which made me happy because the baby was kicking up some heartburn and my bladder.

Tonight is the sibling preparation class for Mark and Libby. We had a call during lunch for a canine dystocia (potentially a pyometra…) so Jim loaded up the vet box with ultra sound and some other goodies for the afternoon appointment and he was off. I would really like to go see the dog, but the class is scheduled at 6, and who knows when Jim will be finished with the afternoon work. So I am left at home with the kitties.

I think I need a nap.


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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