Laundry … Work Laundry, and baby laundry. My laundry was done last night, but needs folded and put away in the new underbed drawers I purchased for the new bedroom. I have 3 HUGE drawers now! Oh happy day. I am quickly on the road to having a room that I can actually put my junk away in – and not piled here and there in the room or lurking everywhere in the house.

Speaking of lurking. I need to get some book shelves this weekend so that I can organize my magazine stash, my knitting books and my school text books – whats left of them anyway. And then maybe I can figure out where to put some of my yarn stash? Maybe I’ll try some of those collapsible boxes for the potential extra space in the book shelf?

I put together the new floor lamp and plugged it in in the bedroom. The packing material made a mess, so I’ll need to vacuum … I’d like to put the crib together next, but Jim still needs to paint the ceiling and clear out some space from the painting equipment. At least the old furniture is moved out! The room looks so much bigger now!

I started one of the baby socks for my friend Kelley last night. It won’t take long to knit, I just need to sit (or slouch, or lay down) to get it done. Other than that, not much knitting yesterday… none so far today. Its depressing. I have Mark’s sweater yet to finish, Libby’s to start, and a new winter hat for Jim… and baby socks and mitts, and the baby blanket.  I think if the loom could glare, it would. I almost sat down to it the other day to check the threading pattern… but I lost my nerve. I did pick up some of the threads I used to separate the warp. I’m thinking that I may just take out one of the repeats instead of trying to thread more warp on – it would be much easier too!

Oh, I also still need to put that elastic in my jeans. I’m tired of the “secret fit belly”… it falls down and irritates my skin. I tried to avoid buying any more pants with it, but I could not find any jeans that fit that didn’t have it or the mid belly band. I went with the secret belly as a lesser of 2 evils, and the easiest one to modify. I was also ecstatic I could find a size 8 that fit, instead of the size small that was way too big.

OK, bibs and coveralls are making way too much noise for me… I should go check it all and get the loads switched. The CatGenie has also been in its maintenance wash phase today, so maybe its finished and I can put the regular wash cartridge back in so the kitties can use it.

Maybe I’ll sit down and knit in my chair and listen to a podcast or to an audio book… which reminds me, I should check out my account again and see if its time to buy another book…

I also need to figure out what I did differently in the past for posting pictures. the Baby sweater took up a lot of my free space…

Gotta love ADD!


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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One Response to Washing…

  1. lostneedle says:

    Pregnant and still knitting? I lost the urge after 3 months I think it just got too uncomfortable to sit for long periods of time and my mind wandered too much. Wtg you 🙂

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