Nothing Better than…

Monday Monday, la da, da da da…

I finished seaming the sleeves onto Mark’s sweater last night. It took me all weekend. I’m not that slow a sewer mind you, but rather a perfectionist. I started with a horizontal suture pattern… and was not happy with how things were lining up. So I attempted to use a crochet chain to seam it on. That looked even worse. So I went back to the suture pattern. I changed from every stitch to ever 3 bars or so depending on which had more ease, the sleeve or the sweater body. Eventually everything lined up and looks quite decent.

I also managed to get new curtains and rods for the bedroom on Saturday. I hung sheers and a thermo savings/black out type drape on the main front window – it measured 102″ in width. I had some problems with getting some old screws out of the molding and had to wait for Jim to get back from a call that took way too long… I was a little frustrated by that point – I could do it all by myself (yes, I am talented with power tools too) but I didn’t have a clue as to where Jim had most recently stashed his power drill or any one of his multiple tool boxes. And of course the new drill is so powerful, it would make Tim the Tool Man Taylor grunt in ecstasy. I ended up bashing myself in the head with the drill handle when it over powered the screw into the molding (and nearly destroying the rod hook) … I went back to using my hand held screw driver to finish getting the screws into the molding to hang the new curtain rods. I decided that I only needed 3 sheers and 3 of the thermal panels instead of the 4 it recommended. It was nice having that done last night so that I then could concentrate on the sweater.

Today we returned some heating vents to Home Depot and I found a bench/shelving unit that takes 3 of those cloth drawers. Perfect for under the front window. I had watched the cats this morning fight over the open space I had left for Liadan to jump into the window (so as not to ruin the drapes) and realized that they needed something to get onto before slipping under the curtains. Story had mastered the small jump necessary last night, but I still had some concerns for her, as well as Liadan and Kavyn. I though a small book shelf would work with a cat bed on top, so they could all enjoy looking out the bedroom window. But what I found is better, and came with a cushion.

The current task today is to get the other 2 window rods up and the thermal drapes on them (I need to go buy 3 more sheers and return one drape) and then get the bench put together and the vents in place along the baseboards.

I managed to get the last 2 venitian blinds down using the drill – even though the handyman who installed the windows put the blinds back up in a completely oxymoronic way, and I’m sure I need Jim to come remove one by bruit force… I have even managed to figure out how to get the nailed on rod clips off the molding without the proper tools. Disappointing they are only for a single rod, not a double. Otherwise I would use them again. They are quite secure in their place in the world.

I managed to knit about 2 inches of boarder on a green shawl I started after my grandmother passed away – I think in 2008. Its almost finished. I had to order another ball of yarn for it, and I just spliced the ends together. It matches rather well, and I am looking forward to completing another project. I ordered some yarn for the car seat, which should be arriving sometime this week. I need to measure the car seat and draft up a pattern for a cover, and a blanket to keep the baby warm.

Well, finished my late late lunch, time to get back to the grind…


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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