Purple PVC Primer … Smells wonderful!

OMG. Where to start.

I’ll start with the topic foremost on my mind. The PVC primer. Its one of those smells I love, like new car scent and Christmas trees.ย  Jim and I managed to escape to Fleet Farm last night after watching P.S. I Love you with Libby. We made it there by 7:30, which left us with just enough time to pick out almost all the PVC parts for a rabbit watering system. They didn’t carry some of the parts we used on the first installment of the system, and we discussed who carried those. Menards I’m sure. We “bumped” into one of our clients while picking out fittings in the plumbing isle. It was a nice exchange and left us laughing.

Just about the time I had returned from visiting the facilities the voice over the loud speaker announced that it was closing time… So we attempted to hurry as best as possible – with 7 PVC pipes under the shopping cart – to the closes check out lane without hurting anyone. Then there was the tricky art of helping the clerk scan all the pipes and transfer them to another cart, while I tried to unload all the PVC fittings onto the check out counter without dropping anything or smashing my rotund belly against the shopping cart.

We made it out of the store in the nick of time. There was a voice mail waiting for Jim…

Which led us to a new client – a brother of an existing client – who had a uterine torsion for us to fix. Sadly the calf was already dead, but after much work and huffing and puffing and insertion of the de-torsion rod, Jim managed to untwist the uterus, and in the process gave himself a lovely blood and amniotic fluid bath. So now he smelled like rotten meat. Yum. The farmer was a bit squemish when things started flowing – er, gushing from his poor cow. It was slightly comical. Lucky for Jim I am wearing his winter coveralls, since I am absolutely SURE mine wont fit. So I gave them over to him after he peeled off his green bibs and jeans. His wallet was a little worse for wear too, but now its become quite the joke about blood money ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  I’m starting to think that our farm humor is a little to twisted for my family and friends who use Facebook. No one ever comments anymore on our posts, or pictures…

I have had the lovely opportunity to take a few more trips with Jim this past week on some short farm calls. Last time he left me in the truck roasting my butt off so I could knit. I finished a winter hat for him in 2 days and I have about 36 more rows to knit on the baby’s car seat cover. Its getting quite long. I am very happy with how its turning out. I can’t wait to cut it open, full it and get the elastic on it. Some of the green in the variegated yarn matches the green on the car seat, so I’m looking forward to seeing it on the car seat. What’s knitted so far covers my heaving belly quite well, so i know it will keep the baby warm.

I have also tried to knit some more baby socks. This time for my baby, but I originally wanted to use some of the brioche stitches I had used on Jim’s hat… I think the yarn I was attempting this with was the wrong sort – woolbamboo. I LOVE this yarn, but its a multi strand yarn and was getting quite fussy with the cast on and the toe turning… I had started and ripped it out at least a dozen times. So I gave up on that though. I’ll just try the stitch for a hat after I get some socks and baby mitts knitted from the one ball of yarn that I purchased – on sale ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nothing else truly exciting has been going on for a while. I suppose that why I have not been blogging much this month. I did manage to sell and transport 1 rabbit to the ARBA National Convention 2 weeks ago. Musical bunnies then ensued with the free cage, and Jim managed to assemble the other 2 new cages and they are now filled too. I did lose one of my babies this last week to colic. He was a handsome little guy who liked to nibble at me – and chewed almost through my iPhone headphones. He was only a month old, and I was planning on showing him… I still have his escape artist of a sister though. She pointed out that her name needs to be Kisses. She will lick and lick when I come to feed them and say hi.

Jim is done playing with his PVC pipes for the night, it must be bedtime/movie time now. I should go make something tasty for dessert ๐Ÿ™‚


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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