Baby feet and fumes

I realized last night as Jim and I walked through Walmart that I make a lot of noises that I never used to make before getting pregnant. He laughed at me as I attempted to support the growing bulk of baby, and unconsciously widened my stance to spread the weight out a little. He thought it was hysterical. I had also been looking in the plus sized section at some sweaters. The smallest ones were size 16, or 1 x. There were some without hoods on them, and I am short of sweaters that fit right now. He had to point out the fact that at 8 months pregnant, I probably could knit 3 sweaters out of the one I was thinking of buying – oh, and why don’t I just knit myself a sweater? Or do I have to make stuff for everyone else but me? I am glad he has forgotten the last 2 sweaters I knit myself – one I want to rip out, the other still needs some finishing (but its more a summer sweater than winter) and I do have a list of things to make that trump knitting a sweater for myself.

Sadly I managed to knit half a row on the baby car seat cover. I thought I was making good head way when I realized that the fumes from the PVC primer were getting to me. Jim had knocked the can over earlier this afternoon, and it made me sick for hours – so I have been somewhat lounging unconsciously in my chair in the bedroom with my window open and the heat off. The cats took full opportunity of the situation and arranged themselves on me again… thankfully only 2 out of 3 this time. All 3 had held me hostage in bed this morning. I have spent the last hour or so catching up on reading blogs and bookmarking new ones. I did manage to find a website that sells glass buttons – but have not had the vision (or brain power) to look at the buttons…

The baby has been unusually active this week. I think she loved being at Walmart last night. She was awake past 3 am this morning. She has also figured out how to hook a foot over the edge of my ribs. If she were an alien, I’m sure she would have burst forth a few weeks ago. As it stands right now, I think the Drs are starting to count backwards. My last appointment I was 34 weeks… When I went for my most recent appt on Monday, they said I was 34 weeks. My phone counter says I’m 35 weeks if she is due the 27th.

Ugh. Kavyn just jumped up onto me – landing right on the topmost portion of baby. I think they know something – but most certainly are not telling me.

I need to go find something to eat. There is no room left inside me, and food jst sucks right now. I wish something sounded good…


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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