Just about 9 Months…

Jim posted on FB last night that I was nesting. I’ve been having a rough couple of days with false labor aka Braxton Hicks. Not bad considering I have FMS. I’m just not sure whats real or not, and they did wake me up a few times. Then there is the circulation issues, and my lymphatic system is all messed up, and my hands are bloating bad enough that it seems im suffering from carpel tunnel.

So, in order to preserve my sanity – and not kill anyone – I began by removing the junk from the bedroom that I could carry. This led Jim to helping remove the boxes that I could not carry. Thus I was able to steam clean half the bedroom rug with my brand new all terrain floor cleaner/steamer. Yeah for Hoover! Holy crap was the carpet filthy. I figured it would be. I was surprised that I removed the dark spots from the carpet. It looks almost brand new. Now I just need to move stuff from one side of the room to the clean part and steam clean the other half.

Which led to today’s surprise. I opened the box to the crib to assemble it. Crap again. It is missing the front side. Ugh. Jim was not happy about it. I’m just pooped that it didn’t throw a real wrench in things for me today. Good thing. I tend to agitate over things like that. Had I attempted to put the crib together sooner today, then i would have been pretty ticked off and my evening would have gone to shit. So I just need to wait until 7 am PST to call the customer service number, and hopefully thye will mail me the parts I need to make this a crib (2 parts for the day bed are missing too, they connect to the front part somewhere for the twin bed set up)

On the knitting front I have 5-8 rows of knitting left on the baby care seat cover to finish off the bottom portion. I even purchased the elastic today. I am excited! I have been thinking about what motif to use for the top part, but I’m still not sure what I want to do for this part. I only have less than 2 balls of yarn once I bind off the bottom. Not much is needed for the top, and I plan on shaping that portion.

After cleaning the bedroom carpet, I realized that I now had a nice clean space to block the seilkie shawl. So I started shaving the pills off of Jim’s sweater so that I could wash both at the same time. I have the sleeves left to pill, and its looking rather sharp again. Jim loves this sweater. It’s the one my mother knit for him 2 years ago for Christmas, and I don’t think I have ever washed it. He has worn it to church only, so I has not had major wear. I am hoping that after I wash it good, that the main body color (black) will reduce the amount of pills. Its a very nice merino yarn – which is one major reason why it does pill. Mom was upset to hear that. She has had better luck with this yarn on baby sweaters I think.

What else… Oh, I have one baby sock knit and the other halfway to the heel, and one more load of baby laundry in the wash right now. I want to make a matching hat and mittens to go with this pair of socks, but I shall see. I only purchased one ball of yarn – it was on sale and I had already knitted a short sleeved sweater with the yarn in another color. – speaking of that yarn, I still have finishing to do on the sweater to make it wearable :/  Steeking to finish up and facings to do something about and then some hook and eye clasps…

Tomorrow hall find me moving stuff around, cleaning the rest of the room and maybe some organization… If not, then I shall sleep the day away and mabe knit a few more rows?


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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