It’s like… ?

So yesterday I went to see the Occupational Therapist. Took about an hour. He asked me a few questions, and took some measurements. Like how hard I can squeeze things with different fingers and the like. Not very pleasant. The worst thing he said was that Knitting would make the Carpel Tunnel worse.

Are you Kidding?! I mean, hello? Not Knitting will drive me insane, and Jim is not rather fond of that idea, let alone the blood and mayhem it may cause.

The guy sent me home with splints and a list of exorcises (things I already do, lol) and directions for hot and cold hand baths… So last night I followed his instructions and slept with the splints on. Awkward! At leas there is not a ton of Velcro on these, like there was on the thumb brace from last year… Anyway, at about 3 am (normal wake up time for me…) I woke up to do the usual stuff, and my hands were HUGE! The right hand was twice the size of the left, and they were both like blown up latex gloves. And boy did they ever hurt. So I took the splints off, did my morning stuff, which included removing the lunch meat from the freezer so I could make Mark and Libby sandwiches… and then iced my hands and wrists and found a snack and the last (gasp!) bottle of Vitamin Water in the pantry. I ate half the snack, and managed to keep it and the carrots away from Kavyn. Stuck that and the ice pack back in the fridge and went back to sleep until my next wake up time of about 6-6:30. I made the kids their sandwiches and made sure their lunch bags were on the counter for them, finished my snack and went back to bed – with the splints on again… I woke up again when Jim’s alarm sounded. Kripes, it scared me! I had to poke and prod him for a while, but he eventually got up to go on a scheduled call. I took the splints off again and went back to sleep. Blissful too.

Ive been doing the exorcises off and on all day, with some splint wearing. The hot and cold thing hasnt been working much today, it did a little yesterday. The ice packs have worked the best, as have knitting to reduce the swelling.

Knitting has been very hard to accomplish today. It hurts. A LOT. Ive knitted with and without the splints and holding the yarn in both hands. I have half a row left to knit on the edging for the car seat cozy. It took me forever to do that this afternoon. There was lots of blank staring at my fingers and the edging…

I have another appointment with the hand guy tomorrow. I hope that he can come up with something that makes them feel wonderful and allows me to knit for the rest of the day without the pain/numbness/tingling spreading from one finger to another and down my arms… I also need to go find another pair of those craft gloves. I used to use those a ton when I was having problems with my hands from FMS. I also want a set of strap on ice packs for my wrists. But I doubt those are made. I may have to figure out how to make a pair of my own from small gell packs or something.

The baby has been minimally working on getting out. I think. Today she practiced smashing my bladder with her head while pounding on my liver with her feet. There have been all sorts of other contractions and contortions. My mother tells me that this all makes for a shorter labor. At this point I’m not sure I care how long I am in labor for. I mean, I can HARDLY knit! The water “retention” is just incredibly unfair. The rest of the pregnancy has been absolutely wonderful. Other than being tired and no motivation, I feel just about normal. Ok, I have been motivated. To knit. To create some. To get almost organized… But I can’t even go for a walk anymore. Nothing fits! UUgh.

Oh, I did find a new lace shawl pattern online at Ravelry. It was posted by a blog I have recently started to read, called The Woolen Rabbit .  The shawl looked like one I saw on that free e-zine (sorry brain fart right now, cant remember the name…) and so I signed into Ravelry and it uses some similar pattern stitches, but has a WONDERFUL edging. I wont to make this one. As soon as I finish the Baby shawl though.

Ok. Jim came home with a bag full of goodies for me, and a desire to watch House. I charged the Mac while surfing and typing, and there is more than enough battery power to watch a few episodes without the blanket catching on fire from the power cord. lol. Don’t know why that’s been happening…


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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