False, or Not?

Jim is ready to burst. I WISH I was bursting. Seriously, I am tired of all the false labor/Braxton Hicks contractions. I had them all last night and then they stopped this morning. I dont know when. Then they picked up again at 1 pm, and its now 8 pm, and I’m still having them…but they vary. And they are unimpressive. Sometime around 4 I though they could be the real deal. Then doubt settled in…

In my knitting world, I have ripped out the boarder for the car seat cozy. I re wound the ball of yarn, and picked up stitches around the edge and I am almost finished knitting it on the cozy. It looks fantastic, and I think I have half the ball left. I though I would need more than 1 stitch per stitch, but so far its working super. The cozy is knitted in Worsted yarn on a size US 10.5, and the boarder is DK in US 5. The steeked edges are coming slightly undone – I trimmed them closer to the crocheted binding so that they may fit under the first edging… They are not unraveling and I could slip some of the loose ends back in to keep it tidy, but I am not sure what I want to do with these ends. I am thinking I may want to cut out the crochet binding completely when I seam the edging down on the wrong side. Maybe even use the fingering yarn to keep the steek from coming undone. Its just too bulky right now compared with the cast on and cast off edges. But, I will wait until I decide how I want to seam down the other side of the edging.

The baby shawl is coming along. I have a few teeth complete on the first boarder edging. It doesn’t make my hands hurt as much as the cozy has, but doesn’t reduce the swelling as much either. So I have been trying to finish the cozy ASAP as well as switching tot he shawl as best I can too. My hands overall are not as bad as they were before I started therapy. I think they are more stiff, but they are not grotesque.

Therapy today went well. The therapist started with my left hand first and then worked on the right hand. Its starting to feel good on the right hand. My fore arm is more swollen on that side, even though the left hand may hurt more – and has been hurting longer… I am not sure how much the therapy is helping in the short term. I can’t say that I feel better for having a deep massage with Biofreeze and lotion (stink o rama!) and having carpel tunnel splints that I can’t do anything in, nor wear for long periods of time without my arms swelling to the size of grape fruit. I do think however, that the therapy will help in the long run. I love my hands. They do all sorts of neat and wonderful things for me. They help me deal with my FMS and provide hours of self therapy for that in the form of knitting, cooking, sewing, spinning and other fun things to side track my mind and body. I also love holding Jim’s hand in the truck when we are heading somewhere or to work. I look forward to holding our new daughter with these hands. To riding my horse again after she is born…Ok, I am being a little sappy about my hands. They are not beautiful hands, but they are small and quick. I also love Jim’s hands, and wish that he would take better care of them.

Well… I am caught up in my knitting frenzy and anxiously awaiting labor. I look around my house and see all these things that I should be doing to get organized, or prepare for my mothers visit at the end of the month… and I have absolutely no motivation. I have accomplished the zillion loads of laundry and managed to put most of it away. I have even packed clothes for the baby and myself for the hospital. I really want to locate all of my yarn stash and organize it in the bedroom… but even more I want to knit more baby sweaters, mitts, socks and hats.

I need a nap.


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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