The Dr. said WHAT?!?

O. My. Gawd. It made my day. And it woke me up and prepped me for K mart and Walmart Christmas shopping. And surprisingly enough, Jim did NOT turn beet red.

So Here is the story.

I took a nap after breakfast/lunch this morning. and SLEPT. Hard. I have not slept like that for … more than days, possibly weeks by now. I don’t know. I have lost track of just about everything except for the hard little moving body inside me… Anyway. Jim comes thundering down the hallway in his get up saying something to the tune of were going to be late for your OB appointment, why didn’t you set an alarm? So I rush to get my shoes on and that I’m actually wearing clothes, grab my purse etc… I climb into my car and blink for 30 minutes and tell Jim to slow down, I’ll only be late to pee… And Oh MY GOD, do I feel shitty. And never SO happy to pee into that damned cup. I told the tech that it was probably the BEST pee sample I have ever left. We eventually make it into the odd little OB room (Jim asked the million dollar question only to find out there is actually a turf war going on between my current doctor and my last one…) and answered the dumb questions etc for the nurse…and then my Dr. comes in and asks me a few questions and decided its time to check to see if I’m dilated. Very disappointing to find out only 1 cm… So Jim in the land of quick whit and me still asleep and miserable, asked what else we can do to speed up the process other than that 5.00 bottle of oxytocin he had mentioned 5 minutes before… and what does my wonderful Dr. say??

“The same thing that got you here, is the best proven method to get you out”…

She did actually say sex. By this point I’m smiling, because I had read some of those studies and its not a sure thing. It all has something to do with the prostiglandins in sperm ect… (spell check did NOT like that word lol, but I’m NOT changing it to prostitutes or something else like it) and I am remembering all of our attempts at making our little umbilical cord biter come forth into this world.

So after being poked by the Dr. and talking about sex in a roundabout way, we went shopping. I purchased all the christmas stuff I wanted. Although after wrapping Marks loot, I think I need to go back and find a lego kit. Somehow we ended up getting more for Libby … which is mind boggling, because she likes getting, not what she gets. So its really hard to figure out what to get her. Last year asking for a Christmas list was … was like being abducted by aliens. The kind that you would see on that one episode of South Park. So I don’t think Jim even asked this year, and I wasn’t about to ask. But I remembered Cabbage Patch dolls and it was like a light went off in my head. So I tracked down the last newborn surprise doll in the area. I had to have Jim go after it on Saturday – Friday was the false alarm day and I ended up driving for 30 minutes only to return home with wonderful non-child producing contractions and a horrible back ache… So today was the day for the 2 foot tree and some stuff to make ornaments and decorate stockings, and stocking stuffers. And while we were at it, Jim found a ton of stuff that would work for Libby, like the singer round knitting machine. I have been trying for the last 3 years to get Libby to the point where I could teach her how to knit – but she only works for 5 minutes at a time once in a blue moon on the knitting loom we purchased for her… sigh. She understands the process, but has no motivation and still lacks enough hand coordination to learn how to use needles… So maybe she can do this and make stuff? its MUCH safer than a sewing machine.

So I am happy. And having more contractions since leaving Walmart.

I finally finished knitting the boarder on the bottom and top part of the car seat cozy. Tomorrow I plan on attaching the felt and elastic so it can stay on the car seat. I started the Christmas stockings tonight after dinner and they are just about ready for the kids to decorate. So I should have plenty of time to make some headway on that and maybe make a few christmas ornaments myself for our tiny artificial tree.

What else have I done?… I have a few more teeth knitted on the baby shawl. I started a baby had, and sewed in the ends on the socks. I still want to make some matching blue mitts, but we will see what I have left after I finish the hat. I’m winging it from the top down. So far its kinda lacy looking with the increases I have started with. I think I have enough increases at the point I put it down last night. My fingers were very numb and tingling and I was a bit tired…

Speaking of tired.

I think I can hear Liadan snoring up on the bed with Jim. Kavyn was digging her nails into my chair (we have been having major disagreements about her nails for like months, but she will have non of my suggestions) so she just took a flight into the middle of the room. She is now sitting near the heating vent (which just turned on) re-arranging her fur and just about giving me dirty looks.

Holy Cow. its 3 am. Maybe I can get some sleep :/


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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