Valentines already ?!

I have been meaning to sit down and type for 1.5 months now… but its amazing how things don’t go my way.

The baby was born 12/30/2011 – Nadia Josephine – she is soo cute and has red hair! Can’t wait to see what eye color she ends up with They are very striking right now.

I ended up with preeclampsia so the Dr attempted to induce me – I went through labor with no cervical dilation… auugh. So she hurried me for an emergency c-section. The surgery was not bad. It was the aftermath and 5 days in the hospital. Quite an interesting way to go insane and lose a ton of sleep.

I attempted to work on Nadia’s baby shawl/blanket while doing the induced labor thing. It went SO fast that I managed only a few rows of the boarder between contractions. I ended up putting it down and chatting instead. My brain was not very functional from all the medications to keep me from having bad things happen and the lack of sleep from the night before. I didn’t have much time to try knitting afterwards…

I have managed to get the bottom edging and almost the bottom boarder complete! I have 4 or so more rows before I knit the frame for the next boarder pattern. It’s going rather well 🙂

Cool aid with less sugar is great. Not so good with Truvia due to the funky erethritol (can’t spell that one sorry…) aftertaste…

Had to give up Coke due to the caffeine. Nadia seems to have “baby reflux” and that makes it worse. So far she is doing better with me off all caffeine…and I also cant drink some juice. Poor baby had a reaction to a cup of juice I had the night before her last baby appointment… it took about a week to get better. She was such a good sport about it. It was a pomegranate acai juice blend. Not bad tasting, but now wow enought to make me sad not to drink it. Mark and Libby drank the 2 bottles with glee though.

I bought some Bamboucle yarn after my birthday. Its very pretty – redish burgundy color. I have been swatching it off and on for 2 weeks or so now. It likes the linen stitch – silly me, thats what I thought I would use, but wanted to see if I could do some other slip stitch pattern to make it look woven… So now Im working on needle size. Jim saw another bamboo yarn that I love in almost the same color and though “skirt”. So thats what Im working towards with the Bamboucle.

Nadia’s car seat cozy is a hit. I have had many many complements. Maybe I’ll post it to Ravelry? Maybe ill use that to showcase my knitting pictures… hmmm.

I have decided that I dislike being cold. Very. Much. Thank. You. Jim and I are conspiring to move to a warm tropical island. Possibly in the next 12 months. Wouldn’t that be just MARVELOUS!?


mmm, what else?? I’m pooped right now. Can’t think of anything…haha, can’t really think.

Nooo. Nadia is a wonderful sleeper. I’m not. Thankfully she wakes up to eat when I have been waking in the past. Working well with the FMS thus far.


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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