Month 2 . . .

OK. I hope that I don’t continue this trend. One post a month? Eh.

Anyway, Life as I know it continues…

Nadia is as cute as a button. Well… some buttons. Like the little sheepie buttons that I have somewhere in my stash. She has gained weight and out grown only her preemie clothes.She has one knitted baby sweater that fits thus far. Thanks Nana! She wore it today when I went to get my eyes checked.

Getting my eyes checked was a trip and a half. OMG. Am I ever tired. I had forgotten how tired I get when I am just by myself running errands or shopping… let alone going with Jim and the Family. Thank God for grocery carts or I may not have made it at all. Nadia and her car seat weigh a TON! Poor thing, and poor me, I dropped the car seat while lifting it out of the last cart tonight. Woke her slightly and scared the bjesus out of me. Thank fully I follow the “rules” of baby car seats. ALWAYS buckle the baby in even if she is just sitting in it…

Back to the eye exam. Nadia decided that she needed to be held ( I think she hates this particular Shopko…) through the whole exam – until the eye Dr. asked me to put her down so he could scan my eyes with that lovely bright yellow light and look this way and that… lol. One of the staff members came to hold her for me so that she would stop crying.

I just hope that I end up with the right prescription. It was kinda hard to look at all those letters and try to figure out which lens is better with this rotation or that rotation on it while the baby is shaking in my lap! Next time I am defiantly taking Jim with me… The bright side of all this is that after I changed her diaper the staff let me know my insurance covered the new glasses and lenses! No copay. AND my contact lenses went down in price 20.00 a box. AWESOME!

I also scoured Walmart for baby diapers and cloth diapers for birp rags. I found both, one box of 84 newborn size diapers and one 6 pack of cloath diapers. No baby bibs…back to Shopko. Sigh. I did find those there, one set of yellow and one set of blue. So cute, and all knitted cloth so they wont scrape up her face when she pukes. These will save her clothes from all the reflux stains im sure she had started to form, and they help keep her dry when I can’t get to her fast enough with the cloth diaper.

Another plus – she looks so darn cute in them!


On the knitting front. I have started Libby’s Christmas sweater from last year… It took me a year to knit Mark his sweater (which he has only worn twice since I gave it to him…) so I decided that Libby’s sweater will consist of: 1. NO cables. 2. Lace a MUST and 3. LARGE needle. I swatched a US 10, but that didn’t look very nice, so I’m going with the US 8. (the 9 is in a gauge swatch for another yarn and project). The 8 looks terrific in the St. John’s Wart stitch pattern. I did my math after setting up the pattern, this time by weight and found that I need 10.5 balls of yarn for my pattern, and I have 12 balls of yarn.  Yarn calculation is on the generous side too. I always add a little extra yardage to my test swatch. I liked weighing it this time, except that the ball band is in grams, and my yardage calculations are in ounces…

Since I had such a horrible time on the sleeves of Mark’s sweater, I decided to start on the sleeves. So far so good, I have about 5 inches knitted. I am very happy with how this is looking.

I also have the first boarder pattern finished on Nadia’s baby blanket.

Yes, the pink one.  It IS CashMERE! She is allowed on pink thing so long as its of quality 😉

OK. I have lots 50 lbs since Nadia was born. I was never so happy to stand on the scale as  I was on Monday when I weighed myself. So I just ate 2 servings of dinner. I was feeling rather light headed from my shopping trip and schlepping the baby all around. I had a very small lunch and no breakfast that really counts.

But alas, I am COLD. I need some warm apple cider and maybe  a bath… I need a book now. OH BTW, Nadia LOVES bathes! How lucky is that? So She joins me after I let the water get cold enough and she floats… I can’t wait until she is strong enough to sit in one of those strap down bath chairs so she can start to play in the water on her own – and not drown 😉


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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