Change is in the air

I am ready for spring. SO very ready.

One blog that I read has already changed their blog design, and I think its a very nice change, and one other blog thought about changing it and took a poll.

Now, I am a little obsessive about some things, and not so much about others. This I suppose has occurred as a coping mechanism since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I also can get quite irritable and I don’t put up with quite as much bs as I used too.

So I changed my blog design. It’s not perfect, but I LOVE the view and the colors of the picture in the header. Someday I may figure out how to put my own picture in there – well, I used to know how to do those things, but memory is not what it used to be about some things. HTML and CSS code being one of those expendable things alone with lots of (new) names and phone numbers.

A new change for me is that I am starting to intensely dislike Winter… I still love snow. I love to watch is snow and cover the whole world white and clean. Like a quilt batting laid down over the earth to keep it warm. I love how it insulates everything – sounds and smell. When I lived in Omaha the snow never lasted long enough for me, or not enough fell so that it could be enjoyed. In the 10 years that I lived there I never once was able to go sledding.  I always had to work or go to a class… Now that I live in Wisconsin. Well. One of our favorite Kevin Smith movies aptly names it the 9th pit of hell. I am starting the believe its because the winter is never ending here. Winter starts usually in November and lasts…. until June. 6 or more months of snow, wind and bitter cold.  Its the bitter cold part that is eating away at my resolve to live here. Alaska is SO much warmer, and looking much more enjoyable… We used to laugh about that 3 years ago.


I was fine with winter while I was still pregnant. I was warm for the first time in eons. I could comfortably go outside in sandals (I had to, my feet were so swollen nothing else fit) and a zip up work sweater and roast. Now that Nadia has joined us in this great white world, it seems only she has been blessed with warmth. And slowly as my body has released its pent up fluids so to has the cold seeped back in to chill my achy bones and turn my toes blue. I do not have enough knitted socks. I don’t think a nice collection of knitted socks would save me from the misery I now know as Winter in Wisconsin… Not to mention that I no longer enjoy knitting the plane socks I once enjoyed in hand painted yarns. But I can’t bring myself to knit anything with cables. I have been waiting for the perfect color work pattern to come up – I even have some yarn ready and waiting, or the perfect slip stitch patterns to come to mind. I have even collected pages and pages of pictures that I glued into my knitting note book for ideas. Wonderful ideas, but unsure of where to start.

So I will knit Libby’s sweater and Nadia’s blanket. I may even start one of those sweaters for me that I have yarn saved up for. Once all the water weight is gone from the pregnancy I hope to knit that fair isle vest that I have had in my stash now for 2 years.

Soon spring may come and hopefully I will find myself riding my horse a few times a week – preferably outdoors! I know someone I can go riding with, but until the weather is nice enough, I am stuck indoors… with little to no motivation to do so. Especially since riding indoors makes my horse cranky. I don’t blame her. But its time to get back on her and trimming her feet and grooming her. I hope that she had a much better maternity leave than I did. The barn I keep her at spoils her.

Well, one other positive change is that I plan on publishing some of my patterns. I need to get some of them straightened out and written out in a way anyone can understand them. Jim asked why I just don’t knit some of these things to sell. He didn’t understand that too much time goes into a piece to sell it for what its work and still be affordable. Now, maybe a shawl can come close to that, but not a sweater or socks or even the car seat cozy…

So, here is to Spring! May it be beautiful and more enjoyable than it was last year.


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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One Response to Change is in the air

  1. Norma says:

    Elisa, you have won the cashmere in my blogiversary contest. I don’t have your email address, though, so I am leaving a comment here. Please email me and send me your snail mail address, and I’ll send out the yarn for you. Congratulations and thanks for your comments!

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