Oh! Cashmere!

My good news for the day – I won a cone of cashmere in a drawing from a blog that I enjoy reading – Now Norma Knits I am looking forward to it and what creation will spring forth from it.

Poor little Nadia is feeling punk today. We both arose early today to head to the north for her 2nd month baby check up – and shots.  The Dr is very happy with her weight gain and growth and how interactive she is at 2 months. We have added some Vitamin D drops to her daily regimen of breast milk. And then the Dr left and we waited… the nurses arrived with their little basket of nasties and instructed me to hold her down just above the knees. Out came 3 shots, 2 injected at the same time to each thigh. Nadia cried as soon as they depressed the plungers. I felt like crying – I almost did. Then the third shot was injected into the left thigh, not very far from the first one. 2 flourecent pink band aids and one day glow green were applied and the nurses left me with a bright red nearly naked baby.

I picked Nadia up into my arms and snuggled her and kissed her, rocking her as best I could to sooth her. She calmed down quickly. I changed her diaper with brightened her spirits and put her baby dino pj’s back on, snuggled a little more and strapped her smiling face back into her car seat and covered her with her warm seat cozy. She was fast asleep, and has spent almost the rest of the day asleep.

pause for dramatic diaper change…

On the knitting front:

I have completed 2 sleeves and 4+ inches of the body for Libby’s sweater. It’s going well. I even downloaded a row counter app to my phone to help keep track so that I don’t have to keep counting – that annoyed me with the sleeves…

I have one plane row of knitting on Nadia’s baby blanket before I start knitting the pattern for the inner frame. The row of stars make me happy that I won’t have to knit 7 stars at a time until the whole blanket is almost done… sadly I have not been working on this as much as I would like. I am having the urge to start knitting socks, shawls, scarfs and a sweater for myself. And pattern writing. It’s been hard to just focus on Libby’s sweater. I may start some socks soon on the new DPNs I bought to knit Nadia’s baby hat with.

The box from my mother has not arrived yet. I am looking forward to it. She sent it last week, so maybe by Friday it will be here.

On the work front… Nadia and I accompanied Jim on a call… first we were going to check a cow and do surgery, but as we were getting close he responded to call from a different farm about a newborn calf and a hernia…So Nadia and I sat in the truck for 2 hours while he worked on that. Nadia kept me warm. I felt silly for having under dressed for the 30 degree weather out, but I had not expected to be in the truck freezing my toes off.Thankfully Nadia is a little oven. She was more than happy to nurse and then fall asleep snuggled in my arms under my sweater.

So not much ado here. But OH! the yarn that speaketh to me! I am dreaming yarn….


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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