What a week

I have not knitted a thing for at least the last 2 days. I can barely remember Tuesday, except that Nadia slept just about all day, so I must have knitted. I could look back at my last blog post and I am sure it would tell me… But that’s a depressing thought.

I have just  moments time – I think – to blog tonight. Its been an interesting day. Nadia is still suffering from first time shots. Not too bad, but she is most definitely miserable. She woke up happy enough today, but that changed and she cried for almost 2 hours at nap time. She did sleep for an hour in her swing after lunch, which I suppose is why it took so long for her to settle down. Her issue today was lack of focus while eating.  And she has a wonderful diaper rash complements of the morning smoothie I have had now for the last 3 days. I didn’t think it was affecting her, but I have not been drinking that smoothie except once in a while when I go to McDonald’s. Tonight I figured there must be just enough fruit in it to make her excrement acidic enough to eat her poor little bum, and she has been this way for the last 3 days… I was hoping it was the shots or the Vitamin D I started to give her after he Dr. Apt… So no smoothie for me for a while. I will stick to my Kool Aid and Schwan’s orange-pineapple fruit drink… I dilute the hell out of it and its better than the Kool Aid. Silly me, I am down to 2 cartons of the concentrate and didn’t order more on … on the day the Schwan’s man came. Damned if I can remember what day that was – he used to come on Thursdays…

On a nice yarny note, my mother sent me a nice big box of yarn via FedEx – who loves to come after dark and deposit the boxes on the front step complete with that sticky note to tell you he came… but never indicated that he actually left you the box or if he sent it elsewhere. He also refuses to stick it inside the door. The Speedee Guy will drop Jim’s boxes off inside for us if we are not home. But as of late I get to collect the box. He is also very … brain fart on the word I want to use… he comes at just about the same time every day. 12:30 – 1 pm. like clock work. And he is polite. The UPS guy comes like stealth in the night like the FedEx guy, but occasionally he will come after Speedee.

What. What was I talking about?? Oh yeah, the yarn. OMG!

My mom goes to a yarn conference every year since I moved out. Yes, that’s a Looong time! Why could she not have gone to this conference when I lived at home? No idea… And then it was real close too! I could have WALKED to the conference. I think this one is Stitches West. She goes with one of her co workers. They have a BLAST!  She bought me some ummy yarn a few years ago and sent it to me when I was interning at WSU Veterinary Hospital. I made something that is languishing and needs to have the sleeves ripped out and thought over some more.  I ran out of yarn, and tried to do it justice with some other yarn, but I hate them… I think it just needs to be a vest.

THIS year she texted me and asked what I wanted. I love love LOVE wool bamboo. I have another sweater that im trying to finish that I knitted with this. I knit Nadia’s hat and booties out of another color… ANYWAY, I said find something wool and bamboo. She found ALPACA and bamboo! OMG is it EVER so nice! And in a color I would never have purchased for myself. She tried to describe it as a fishermans oatmeal or something like that. And remembering the last time she bought me yarn, I asked for 14 skeins 😉

I need to take pictures.

Nadia is now awake and snorting into my shirt. Time to feed her again…


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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