Does anybody really know what time it is?

mmm, been thinking about some good Chicago music for a while. I need to go find some of that music that I used to have …

So I started a photobucket account sometime this month. I have only uploaded a few pictures to it and have not spent any time trying it out. Who knew being a first time mom of a baby could be so time consuming? lol, actually Nadia is pretty darn wonderful, and I DO have the time. I just keep forgetting. Fibro Fog can be SO awesome right now. Just about the only 2 things I can remember are The Baby and I WANT to KNIT.

So I have 3 projects on the needles right now. Nadia’s baby shawl, Libby’s cardigan and a pair of socks.  Hmmm… all 3 of these things I’m thinking about publishing the patterns. I just need to finish them and then get some sizing done for the sweater and the socks.

I also need to modify the waist band on some maternity jeans. I have some jersey knit fabric somewhere ( I think its in a box that came back from school…) and I need to take off the old waist band on the pair I have been wearing and a pair of shorts I wore last summer, then make a new waist band with a place for a belt. I am SO tired of pulling my pants up all the time. Who ever invented the “Invisible belly” waist band was on the spot for comfort, but NOT practicality. The darn thing never fit me, from 4 months to 10 months. I took it off 2 pairs of jeans, one that never got finished, and the one pair that I have been wearing had a low rise band put back on with a really bad piece of elastic. I thought about better elastic, but that wont solve anything, and my C-section scar still hurts like … hmmm, I can’t think of something anyone would understand, but it feels like my ovaries are just about all that’s keeping everything inside and together. Yeah for broad ligaments!  Anyway, lucky for me, my in-laws came to visit this last weekend (they have vacated the premises already..) and a major de clutter ensued – thanks to Jim! He cleaned his work mess off the dinner table, so maybe now I can clutter it up with my sewing machine and some sewing for a bit. I need to fix the jeans, a sweater (I cut it open to make a cardigan) and then I need to quilt a new cover for Nadia’s bouncer. She pooped on it and it didn’t survive the washing machine very well. Lol, go figure, but at least it was a second hand gift. I have been thinking of getting another one for the kitchen… but that needs some de-cluttering (the counter) too. Oh, and last night all my pre-pregnancy clothes were vacuum packed in to a GINORMOUS box. Yikes! Last I checked I was fitting into a size 10, but I have some size 2-7 clothes that I miss wearing. I am pretty sure all that stuff is now in there, except for some jeans I bought right before I found out I was pregnant.  Oh how I miss wearing REAL clothes 😉

I have been keeping up somewhat with some of my blog reading. I am amazed at what Wendy Knits has been able to accomplish for the disaster in Japan. I am also soo jealous of her knitting speed and ability to excel at some amazing cables. I love the look of cables, but right now they make me sick. So I just drool all over the numerous sweaters she is able to finish in record time. I thought my ability to spin and knit an orenburg shawl in 3 months was something to behold, but I think she can knit something like that in like 2 weeks. But that was way back when I had a full time job – and being a full time mom right now is pretty cool, but takes the wind right out of me. I am lucky most days to knit during Nadia’s nap, or catch 30 minutes before bedtime. Today I sorted laundry and ran 2 loads through the wash… I hope I can run some of Jim’s work clothes too, but I have a while to wait since I have to dry Nadia’s and my stuff on low.

OMG! I am Sooo excited! Jim is on his way home right now from Wausau with our new mattress and box spring! I made him wait through the pregnancy before we even went to look for a new one. It will be SO NICE freaking wonderful to sleep on a mattress that doesn’t sag like a water bed in the middle!

Here is to better nights rest, Nadia getting over the cold we gave her, and definitely MORE knitting time 🙂


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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