and the Monsoons are here…

Last night we had our first thunder storm of the season. Not too bad. Nadia slept like her normal self, waking every 3 or so hours to be fed and changed.

The last few days have been a strange mix for her. Nap times have been very erratic, but she has been pretty darn wonderful AND cute. She is trying to crawl.

Yesterday I worked a few rows on Libby’s sweater, but that’s just not doing it for me right now. I worked a few rows on Nadia’s blanket here and there in the car this past week. I am starting to dislike nups. And that’s being nice. I wrote the pattern. I should like everything about it. BUT. Oh, and i am just about to the heel on my socks. I knit for about the first hour of nap time today, then I grew tired of that and decided I needed a yogurt and the internet.

When the weather changed enough, I started walking again with Nadia. The other day I noticed not only did I need a new pair of shoes, I DESPERATELY needed a new pair like RIGHT NOW. So Jim and I went out for errands on Friday and I bought a pair of New Balance shoes size 7 1/2 D. They feel WONDERFUL!  I have taken a few walks already – 3? No more heel pain and my knees are happier too. No hip pain either. I spent way too much money on them, but I figured they were the right size for my wide feet, and leather, so they should last MUCH longer than the pair of cheap tennis shoes I bought last year when my feet swelled with pregnancy. I have had a few heart palpitations when I think about getting them dirty. I have a can of Camp Dry I am thinking of spraying them with. Thankfully the streets (paved) are dry and clean to walk on. I figured out where all the dog land mines are/were and it is quite unsafe to walk on the sidewalk with or without the stroller.

I really enjoyed the long loop through Colby – from our house to the dump. There is quite the nice park there and a high sledding hill. Once everything is pond free I may walk back that way again and even start playing there with Nadia on the swings. I walked that way Thursday after the kids came home from school. It was the second walk of the day, Nadia had taken a nap at a strange hour so we went for another much longer walk. She slept most of it and the new terrain gave me a good workout.

I have noticed on Facebook that our Equine friends are having quite the time with the weather – making fools of themselves and their riders. Dreamer gave me quite a time last year, and since my shoulder is still recovering from , er, what ever the hell I did to it that Nadia is tormenting me about now, I will try to go riding at the barn. For the mean time I had checked on her last week and her feet and legs were no longer sore. I hope she is over the seasonal change without any more issues other than her allergies. I did leave a new bottle of antihistamine in her supplement drawer. At least SHE doesn’t get the bloody noses that I do when I go in a barn.

Well, we are in for some more thunderstorms tonight. I hope they get on with it. I can feel a migraine starting… I am unable to do anything about them for now, however I start to see a new rheumatologist next month and maybe there is something I can take that will have no effect on Nadia by then.

Here is to finishing the sock soon, and maybe buying a pair of 8 inch circular needles…


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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