does cetirizine pass through breast milk?

Obviously spring has made it even to Wisconsin. As things were thawing I took some antihistamines. Mostly Benedryl to help me sleep and help with post nasal drip. Nadia started having problems again with sinus congestion. This time she most definitely is NOT a fan of the syringe bulb to suck out those boogers. So I had Jim put the humidifier back on last night. It helped me a ton, and Nadia only so so. At naptime she kept waking up since she couldn’t breath. I had to hold her on her pillow in our chair to get her to fall asleep. Now she is back in bed, propped up on her pillow on her other side to mimic being held and so the congestion stays on the same side of her head so that she can breath.

Which made me think. I took cetirizine like 3 or so days ago. Its a 24 hour pill and Im pretty sure it wore off when she started having problems again… So I rooted through the bathroom cupboard and found a new itsy bitsy bottle and took one. I guess I’ll know at the next bed time.

I asked Jim this morning what happened to my swiffer mop? Its hard to bleach the walls without it. I could steam the walls, but I’m not sure what it would do to the new paint 😉

OMG. I so want to work on those socks! BUT, im trying to be good and wait for the new needle so I can fully experience it and make THE decision. I have high expectations for this needle, and since Addi’s are not cheap, it had better be good. So Im being a good girl and waiting while my sock yarn sits in a rubbermaid at the foot of my chair.

With Libby’s sweater. Maybe I should work on that some?

I took pictures of things – I need to find my data cable to transfer everything from my camera. I also have some new Nadia pictures…

Looks like I need to update my mac with all my pictures o.O

And looking at WordPress uploader, I’m not sure WHY I was having problems the last time I tried. It said I have 99.9% of my 3GB left… Go figure. So lets see if my next post can have some Color already?!

Maybe I should start charting for some other socks… Ive been contemplating a single cable – one that I should think even I could do without a cable needle. Really want to do some Celtic type knots. I could make my nephews some kilt hose…


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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