It’s snowing. Again…

Yup. You heard it. More snow. Its coming down rather thick right now. I was about to take pictures Monday of the nice spring days that we have been enjoying for a week or so… But its snowing again, and I knew about the impending doom on Monday – so I didn’t.

Instead I have a picture of the water feature in our yard. Its clear of snow. Most of the winter you could not tell it was there at all, since it was covered in over 2 feet of the stuff. I mentioned to Jim before he left for a herd health, that we should make a stream in the yard, especially since it looks like one right now. It would be nice to set up some running water and listen to it flowing around the yard.

Mid April Snow Storm

So that’s a little over 2 inches of snow. I really like that little tree in the left covered gently in snow.

So my new sock needle arrived and Jim picked it up or me from the PO on Monday. I knitted the toe over and a few rounds of the body of the sock. The change I made in the toe failed. Its big enough to fit Jim. So I will be ripping it out in a few minutes.

I set up Nadia’s Play Yard on Monday as well. She spent nearly all day in it happy as a clam. No afternoon nap and Tuesday was rough. But she napped with me Tuesday. She is in it right now complaining about a wet diaper I’m sure. I had better go rescue her and fix that. Then hopefully she will fall asleep for an hour and I can re knit the sock for try #3.

Lets hope this is the last snow of the season… I need to be walking every day with Nadia


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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