The 4th already?

Not much time is left of today. About 31 minutes.

Its been an interesting week. I had my Dr. appointment on Monday. The new Rheumatologist is recommending a gluten free diet and ran a blood panel for celiac disease. Jim had to work so I had to cart Nadia along with me. I pulled some muscles in my other shoulder, back and neck. Oh the Joy! I plan on getting one of those things that you can snap the car seat onto and it works like a stroller. Just much smaller!

I have not spent much time knitting since my last post. I did however finish the body of Libby’s sweater today and I started picking up the stitches along the bottom for the hem. I think I will just knit the hem and bands all around at once with mitered corners. I don’t like the way button bands start and end. I don’t think I care for button bands anyway. Libby tends to pull all the buttons off her clothes, so I plan on sewing in a zipper. It will look SO nice. I have 5 balls of yarn left in the bag and 2 balls in my bucket. I had calculated by weight that I would use all of the yarn I bought. I am very excited that I didn’t. I think I may make a hat and some mits or something… maybe a scarf.

I have also been thinking about more socks and the sweater I plan on making myself from the alpaca/bamboo yarn mom sent me. I was thinking twined knitting for this one, but I don’t think I have enough yarn for that. I want a longer sweater – something that comes down past my hips and covers a good portion of my butt. That’s one of the nice things about some of the current fashions – the long lengths. I know I have more than enough yarn for that. Other wise, I have no idea what I want, maybe some pockets and a cardigan. Maybe even a zipper 😉

My socks stalled out on the heel of the first sock. It has been hard working the 4 wrap stitches in the truck. I seem to have the most inkling to work on it when I get to go ride with Jim. Which has not been much. Poo.

I did also go out last week twice to work on Dreamer. I trimmed her back 2 feet, and treated them for thrush. FUN! I have a wrap that I have to go back and take off, and get her from feet trimmed too. BUT, as with the last month and a half or so, it’s pretty darn hard to go get physical with a persnickety hackney pony when your arms don’t work much. A friend went with me last Wednesday to help with Nadia, and it worked out rather well until Nadia decided that she was hungry and tired right that second.

I have been working with her to take a new bottle. She seems to like this one, but does not like drinking breast milk from it. She has been drinking some water with some dilute juice, and she is learning to hold the bottle on her own. Very nice. I am also working on becoming more friendly with the pump. I have almost 8 oz in the freezer from last week. Not much, but I’ve been making what Nadia needs, and I don’t rather enjoy engorgement due to pumping. Although, there have been some mornings and nights that Nadia ate more than usual and has saved me from being too sore. Deflated even. Its been nice.

What else. I don’t know. I’m pretty exhausted. I washed the sheets today… Not much, but the bed smells nice and wonderful. I even made it all by myself. I should have gone for a walk… by the time I could have, I started getting a head ache – TWC says rain for tomorrow, and I think the 70% chance is pretty likely.

Still thinking about cleaning up my spinning wheel and finishing the pygora and silk blend on it. There is also the matter of some sewing to catch up on… I have plenty of time to accomplish so much, just NO energy. I hate/love the idea of weaning Nadia to remedy my situation when she is 6 months…


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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