National FMS Aware day…

Today was the National Fibromyalgia Awareness day. I did nothing. It was almost nice.

Nadia and I rose early – I had hoped that we could change the sleeping schedule due to the Monsoons, but I was not quite ready to get up at 8:30. We got up, jumped in the shower with Jim (who hogged all the hot water doing nothing for almost 30 min), dressed and went out to McDonalds for breakfast. I had eggs, hash brown patty thing, and a sausage patty with 2 chocolate milks. It was alright. Then we drove around a bit, picked up the mail and returned a bottle of heprin to another vet clinic, came home and I fed Nadia and tried to get her to go down for a nap. Took about an hour and we were both asleep cuddled on the bed with the window open. For not nearly long enough. And then she refused to take her afternoon-now evening nap at 6. I think she snoozed maybe 30 minutes and then pitched a fuss. It was a hard day. I gave her a bath at 8:30 and then put her down to bed. She is out clutching her Sheepie. She looks so wonderful.

Knit wise I have finished the hem, collar and button bands on Libby’s sweater. I need to do the sleeve hems then seam them and sew them to the body of the sweater, buy a zipper and sew that on. I would like to wash  and block the sweater before putting on the zipper so that it doesn’t curl too much.

I finished the heel on my sock – It looks awesome, and started the pattern on the back after the heel. I have been thinking of ways to adjust the pattern to make larger socks, and I think I will just adjust the pattern between the front and the back. So next I need to chart a pattern to fit Jim. Then I think I’ll average something in between, so I’ll have Small, Medium and Large. I think any other sized can just change the gauge, smaller or larger needles. I am really enjoying this pattern, and I am already thinking of other patterns to do next…The only modification for my pair is that I will make them shorter. I charted the pattern for a taller almost boot sock, it has 3 pattern repeats. I am going to knit only two of them, then I’ll need to figure out a cuff. All my past sock cuffs are always too tight. I have not found anything that I like – even the super stretchy bind of. Its too fiddly for me and does not lay nice.

Still no progress on the wheel. It is still in the other bedroom collecting dust. Maybe tomorrow after I check on Dreamer.

I spent the day yesterday working on Dreamer and her antihistamine issue. We still don’t have that completely solved, but something workable right now for 8 days total. And her feet. sight, what a horrid spring we have been having. and now the Monsoons are here and my migraines are starting to come back too…

Well, Nadia woke up and I have to feed her and see if she will go back to sleep. Happy knits 🙂


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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