And the answer is … YES

Ceterazine DOES pass through breast milk. But the Dr. didn’t know how much etc… She suggested that I switch to Loratidine… Well, I’ve been taking ceterazine almost since Nadia was born… well, ok 2 months old give or take. And SHE is Happy. She can breath. And so can I. Jim said to keep taking it. So I think I will. I have NOT gotten sick since I started taking it again. I was sick twice right after she was born. So. There.

Also. Found out that Depo-Povera is evil stuff. Now, don’t get me wrong, LOTS of women love it and have no problems with side effects. Where was the information regarding the side effects that I experience on the one shot??? Jim had to find that online from an article from 2001.


These are some of the worse side effects and I think the article said 5% or more experience them. I already have Fibromyalgia. More pain is not a nice thing, nor weight gain – in my case lack of weight loss, or the potential destruction of my relationship. So, before I knew any of this I had decided that I was going to go back on the Ring. I know what to expect from that. I was HAPPY, Jim was HAPPY. So I told the Dr. She was not happy. She is worried that my milk production will decrease… lol. I am NOT a cow. I don’t even think I have reached my peak lactation yet, lol. Jim would know… I do know that Nadia is at 50% range for height for her age and 95% weight. Jeeze, my little baby is a HOG. I nice healthy chubby little 4 month old baby. I do pump once in a while, but she wont eat it, so I pitch it. I really don’t think less milk is going to harm her. That, and I wonder how the shot affects her? Crazy stuff out there on this shot. Oh, and if my milk does go down too much, I can pump more. OR, Im sure Nadia will never let me out of her sight without nursing every hour until production is back up to par. lol

My gluten free trial period is at 11 days now. So far so good. I don’t feel as tired during the day as I did. I am also finding other options that are healthier – like a yummy salad at McDonalds, or bread mixes that make me feel good. I even made my favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies tonight. I ended up adding another cup of oatmeal to thicken the batter. The cookie baked up better and les like a lace cookie. and OHhh SOoo good! The batter doesnt taste very good. Jim thinks its the garbonzo bean flour… that or the fava beans. BUT, who cares right? The cookies tase just the same. I am very happy. Much better than regular store bought cookies too πŸ™‚


My sock rocks. I have another cm done after the heel, I even tried it on again today. It. IS. Perfect! I can’t wait to finish it and start the second sock.

Libbys sweater is almost done. I knitted the other front band today and started weaving in the ends on the body of the sweater. I have to knit the cuffs on the sleeves and seam them, then sew them on. Then I’ll wash it and go buy a zipper after its dry. I have over 4 balls of yarn left over. So…

I started to cast on for Wendy Knits Summer Mystery Shawlette. I liked the yarn and I didn’t have any sock yarn that was not hand painted. I have another 100 stitches to cast on , then the first chart. We shall see what Nadia lets me do tomorrow.

OMG. My family is coming to visit the 29th. Excited and dreading the work to get ready. The house is in a constant state of chaos. Sometimes I feel like I am just barely awake to get normal stuff done, and then maybe I get one more thing done – like Jim’s laundry yesterday and work bibs. and then next thing I’ll know, 2 weeks has gone by and my laundry is all over the bedroom floor… Oh, and were are all my clothes really? IN a box somewhere that my in laws decided to vacuum pack and gee… maybe I will need those clothes like, soon?? So, I have all these pregnancy clothes for winter that I can’t wear… and only very few summer clothes and I feel like such a slob. At least I have not gained any weight since that damned shot… Maybe I can lose some in 2 weeks? I bought a pair of jeans, and htye are the larges size I have ever worn… Thank God I was pregnant! Still trying to lose the water weight – it take sup the most space. Geeze. The last time I weight this much I was 2 sizes smaller…

OK. Typing too much for tonight. I need to go hide my cookies. My older kids will inhale them if they find them. Good thing the dough is nasty πŸ˜‰


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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