Terrible, terrible I tell you

I just put Nadia down for the night. Alone. First time ever at night.

I “hog tied” her first, kissed her then gave her her pacifier and turned on the baby monitor.  Just the same as I did today for her afternoon nap.

It worked. She quit crying and fussing, and has been quiet now for almost half an hour, maybe more.

I then ate two of the best gluten free black bottom cup cakes ever – and I nuked them first. So they were ooey, gooey. OMG. Just to die for.

This hog tying method started when Nadia learned how to roll over about 2 months ago. I have some of those Halo Sleep Sacks the Hospital recommended. I purchased 2 in cotton and then quit using them within a week of getting them – when she was still wearing newborn size clothes… Now she is 5 months old and would NOT sleep. MUST. roll. OVER.  Oh, and let’s whack mommy in the face and scratch and do all sorts of naughty things while she is trying to sleep. AND cry.  I had to hold her down to get her to lie still long enought to realize she was exhausted (as was I) and go to sleep.

One day I was packing up all the newborn stuff for a friend in preparation for my brother and family to visit and I pulled out the sleep sacks. I stuck Nadia in one – horayy it still fits! And swaddled her up in it. She instantly fell asleep. So I have been doing that for naps and bedtime and she sleeps! I didn’t have to do it while my family was visiting, her cousins were so active she was worn out by watching them and sleep in just her diaper for a week. It was soo nice to snuggle with her again.

I have been swatching. I then took some measurements and decided I need to wait to make myself a sweater.  It was a little too scary. :/

So I should get back to work on my 2nd sock. I started again casting on for it, when Jim came inside to let me know we really needed to water the garden… So I helped with that. We are 5 feet too short on our hose, so we fill buckets a stones throw away from the garden itself and water it by hand…

I also washed the family room carpet. Again. 2 washes and 2 rinses today. Jim bought a floor fan a week ago, so I plugged it in and moved it around a bit, and its dry! Finally smells good too! No more stinky feet.

I cast on for the Lee hat last week and I have the brim left to knit. I am knitting it on US 2 in a random silk yarn I bought in Florida. I am knitting it as a test first, just to figure it out, then I want to knit one for Nadia.

I should finish my sock. . .


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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