Of babies and invoices

I am starting to think I must be the most boring knitter on the face of the planet. Life has taken over and I have not had much to say about it all so I have not posted in something like 2 weeks.

I am MONTHS behind in entering our invoices. I have however, caught us up with all the clients that owe us money. So at least we are not broke 🙂


Nadia really started teething last week. GOD, has it really been another week?? We took her the the ER about a week ago with severe vomiting. Jim at first thought I was overreacting – and I was thinking I probably was –  but she had ceased to have real issues with GERD aka baby reflux. And I have NEVER seen her vomit with this force and she was MISERABLE. So we took her and they x rayed her and took blood to check her out. I was also worried I had given her food poisoning from some apple sauce or something Jim may have come into contact with. She was a complete angle while the nurses tried to draw blood from her chubby arms and then to “milk” her finger… the tube clotted. So I saw a nice vein on her bicep and they gave that a shot with great success. She didn’t fuss much over that stick. I think one of the nurses wanted to cry after the first attempt at her elbow.  The poor baby was exhausted form puking so much and had missed 3 hours of sleep by this point.

We were sent home with instructions to breastfeed only and watch for more vomiting and contact our DR if she continues with any problems. It took about 3 days to catch up on the missed sleep and she seemed a bit off all that week and then bam! She started to run a small temp and I could feel teeth. We went and found some baby orajel and have been switching that with ice and Tylenol. She is doing rather well.

Somehow I have managed to swatch for a sweater I would really love to knit – but my current measurements are rather scary and I started to toe to my second sock 3 times… I am very happy to say I have knit almost 2 pattern rounds now on the toe without many problems. I cant wait to finish it, but I am already bored a bit with the pattern. I also knit almost a whole hat for Nadia testing an adult pattern. I have the brim left to knit, but the cats lost my pattern somewhere in the bedroom. Go figure.

Last night I was dreaming of new sock patterns and sweater patterns that I want to knit. Something “simple” and quick so I can knit with Nadia and have a purpose… I did finish Libby’s sweater and washed it and hung it to dry. I have to take the zipper back to the store and exchange it for a shorter zipper. I had hopped that it would dry a little longer. I guessed 2 inches too long.

I have yet to get back to my spinning wheel and finish fixing it. I really want to spin – I have scads of fiber in the house and in storage…


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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