Addi Turbo Vs Hiya Hiya Vs Knit Picks

I have been a knit picks needle user since they came out with their first Options set. I have been very happy with the price and quality of the needles. I have even had some good customer service when the needles have come off their cables.

So why am I comparing needles? I like to knit socks. BUT I HATE knitting them on multiple needles. So I found some 9″ circular needles on line. First I found Addi Turbo made some 8 ” needles. So I ordered them and waited and waited for them to come. I knit a pair of socks on them, but had difficulty with turning heels and toes… The tips were blunt and the taper much shorter than the knit picks needles. It took a little bit to get used to the short cable and gripping the left needle. But I am very happy with the results of one sock. I had to rip out the other…

I saw on another blog that Hiya Hiya made needles that they compared to the knit picks needles.  So I looked them up and they too have the 9″ circular needles (in steel and bamboo) so I looked and looked to see where I could get them. I thought about ordering them online, but I wanted to SEE them first and make sure they didn’t have tips similar to the addis. On the 4th I had the perfect opportunity to go looking. Jim and I went to Milwaukee and I took Nadia with me on my journey in search of needles and yarn.

From Left to Right: Knit Picks, Hiya Hiya, and Addi Turbo. All 3 needles are 3 mm.

The Hiya Hiya and pretty darn nice. I DO wish they had a sharper tip. They are also a slightly different metal. They are a little matted. So they are less glossy in the picture, but also have a little bit of texture. I enjoy they way they feel when I knit. The taper is as long as the Knit picks needles, which helps turning toes and heels. I like to use wrapped short rows, and the sock I am working on looks FANTASTIC! When I used the Addi’s I had to knit the toe and heel on the knit pick needles that I have ( with a 32″ or greater cable…) so that I didn’t drop any of the wraps. It was complicated. I was not happy. I think I knit those toes at lease 3 times each…

So, I am thinking of buying more Hiya Hiya needles. Unless Knit Picks decided to make a 9″ circular needle. I have already written 1 email. Maybe I should write more?  Or maybe Signature Needles would make a 9″ circular? I hear everyone just LOVES them. But, I Just don’t LIKE double points anymore…

About Elisa

I am an obsessive compulsive knitter and a new parent. I work mostly part time as a large animal veterinary technician with my husband. Life has thrown us some giant curve balls and we moved back to Wisconsin in 2008. We are slowly coming to grips with the arctic winters and fantasize about moving to some tropical paradise and raise our 3 children.
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