Addi Turbo Vs Hiya Hiya Vs Knit Picks

I have been a knit picks needle user since they came out with their first Options set. I have been very happy with the price and quality of the needles. I have even had some good customer service when the needles have come off their cables.

So why am I comparing needles? I like to knit socks. BUT I HATE knitting them on multiple needles. So I found some 9″ circular needles on line. First I found Addi Turbo made some 8 ” needles. So I ordered them and waited and waited for them to come. I knit a pair of socks on them, but had difficulty with turning heels and toes… The tips were blunt and the taper much shorter than the knit picks needles. It took a little bit to get used to the short cable and gripping the left needle. But I am very happy with the results of one sock. I had to rip out the other…

I saw on another blog that Hiya Hiya made needles that they compared to the knit picks needles.  So I looked them up and they too have the 9″ circular needles (in steel and bamboo) so I looked and looked to see where I could get them. I thought about ordering them online, but I wanted to SEE them first and make sure they didn’t have tips similar to the addis. On the 4th I had the perfect opportunity to go looking. Jim and I went to Milwaukee and I took Nadia with me on my journey in search of needles and yarn.

From Left to Right: Knit Picks, Hiya Hiya, and Addi Turbo. All 3 needles are 3 mm.

The Hiya Hiya and pretty darn nice. I DO wish they had a sharper tip. They are also a slightly different metal. They are a little matted. So they are less glossy in the picture, but also have a little bit of texture. I enjoy they way they feel when I knit. The taper is as long as the Knit picks needles, which helps turning toes and heels. I like to use wrapped short rows, and the sock I am working on looks FANTASTIC! When I used the Addi’s I had to knit the toe and heel on the knit pick needles that I have ( with a 32″ or greater cable…) so that I didn’t drop any of the wraps. It was complicated. I was not happy. I think I knit those toes at lease 3 times each…

So, I am thinking of buying more Hiya Hiya needles. Unless Knit Picks decided to make a 9″ circular needle. I have already written 1 email. Maybe I should write more?  Or maybe Signature Needles would make a 9″ circular? I hear everyone just LOVES them. But, I Just don’t LIKE double points anymore…


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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