Knee Highs

I have knit enough this month to “qualify” for finishing a pair of socks. I have knit one whole knee high and I am also to the heel on the second one. I used up a whole skein of Imagination on the one sock. I can’t wait to try them out this winter.

The month has been busy. We have been to Milwaukee and to Ohio. I even took the car for service and new tires yesterday. Holy cow that knocked to snot out of me. I forgot how taxing driving had become. Makes me VERY glad I am not driving to River Falls and back for school.  UUUGH.

OH, we also went to the Seam Tractor and Engine show. It was neat. Nadia slept wonderfully through most of it and I started my second sock. I had a few looks and three people spoke to me.

I have begun to think about the next project. Its just about September, and that means winter will be here soon. I really HOPE we have a wonderful long fall. Or just a fall would be nice. So yesterday I started to swatch that yarn my mom sent me from her last conference. Its a bamboo alpaca blend in a wonderful oatmealish color. The yarn company said that its excellent for cables. But I am still in my cable hating phase (although I might make some cabled sock in the near future) so I have been swatching lace and brioche stitches. I even tried the linen stitch. Nah. That is wrong for this yarn. Its wonderfully smooshy and glistens and has grate drape. I think I found something I like, so now I just need to re take my measurements. I’ve lost enough weight to fit into my pre pregnancy jeans. So maybe my upper body measurements wont look to freakish in Garment Designer.

I have also added a few ideas and a few patterns to my ravelry page. I found a shawl recommended by the Yarn Harlot that I am excited about. I will have to look at the yarn requirements and look at my stash and see if I have something that will work with it or if I need to buy something for it. I wish I had seen it before Nadia was born. It would have made a perfect nursing shawl…. Or if I had found this pattern before my yarn trip! Lol. I could have bought the perfect yarns for this pattern.

Nadia is 8 months old today. She has 2 teeth still working on some more and is trying to walk. She is SO adorable! She has made so many trips this month and has surpassed our expectations. She has also tried so many new foods with glee. I am hating all the ugly pink baby clothes on the market. I should check her measurements and start to make some clothes for her for winter.



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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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