The end of June

Nadia and I visited my mom in San Ramon CA for two weeks. It was wonderfully relaxing.

I meet with a friend that I had not seen since high school and we wandered Berkeley. We went to Telegraph and even parked on the same street we used to. We looked in a lot of the clothing stores and a few of the things that I found didn’t fit. Figures. But it gave me ideas and I might go looking for some patterns or make my own. I also had the BEST (non roach coach) taco. Lots of Pico! I managed to take a picture, but I will have to upload all my pictures later.

I ate a lot. There is a Whole Foods a mile away from where my mom lives and the Safeway is just a short walk down a garden path. So I had great access to lots of gluten free foods. I think I gained 10 lbs. thankfully I have lots 5 already 😉

Nadia and I also visited all the newish yarn stores and I bought more yarn than is normal for me. And lots of gray yarn.

I even managed to get into Brenda Dayne’s Advanced Top Down Raglan Class at A Verb For Keeping Warm. It was too cool. It was a great technique to learn. I wish I was a little more outgoing sometimes – but I had been having more problems with my back so I had taken that muscle relaxer before I went to the class… and the first 30-60 mins of the class I feel a little wonky. A GOOD wonky at least. It also helped me keep my mouth shut and not ramble off too much. ADD can make for some strange conversations. I did loose some focus when the group didn’t understand a part of the directions, so I worked on my swatch. I absolutely LOVED that Brenda said NOT to help each other. I did get caught once, but it was only math, not a real part of the technique, but this ended up being a part everyone else didn’t get.

The class was not as in depth as I thought it would be. It was an all day class with adequate breaks and there is a coffee house next door to the yarn store. And it was a HOT day. I was very glad I had brought my own food and drink, but I did enjoy some tea that the store had provided, and a cup of Chai from next door. Mom took Nadia for the class time and she popped in and out as Nadia needed. They even found a cupcake store down a few store fronts. AND AND. They had GLUTEN FREE cupcakes! Chocolate with any frosting, so I asked for the Cream Cheese butter cream frosting. Oh, was that heaven when we got home.

The rest of my stay was pretty lazy. I did get some health care stuff worked on and was able to zone out and knit almost the whole time. I also managed to have Sushi with Nadia and Sashimi with my brother and his family the night they celebrated the closing of their new house. There were other occasions where Nadia and I enjoyed more Sushi, and then a last nights dinner with Wayne and Kody at the new Japanese restaurant near the grocery store. It was fantastic. I hope it stays and I will make sure to visit it again. 

And I have been home now for 2 weeks. The weather stank for the first week and was ok last week. This week it seems to be the same as the first. HOT and HUMID. but not nearly as bad.

I am also back on medication for ADD, new stuff since I am not working or going to school. Yesterday was the first full day, and was pretty good. Nadia and I went with Jim all day in the truck while he worked. I knitted and Nadia played with all of Jim’s keys and looked at everything.

I have to take pictures of all the yarn I bought and what I finished and what I am working on.


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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