Survived startitis

I finished knitting the lace blouse over a week ago, except for the buttons. Its laying on the counter with the skirt I have bee sewing…its being held up by the pockets that need to be sew on. Then i can get the layers together and the zipper installed. But the pockets. Sigh.
So I finished the pair of socks I started back in…May?
I am back to working on the top down raglan sweater. I had to pause on it and do some math for the sleeves. I barely managed not to start something new. I figured out what to make with some of my “special” skeins of sock yarn. It was inspired by Nadia. She has been learning how to put her cloths on ad wears her legwarmers as sleeves. Duh! So I will be making myself some sleeves too, and maybe matching mobius scarves/wraps to go with.
I need to wash those socks. And take pictures. I am forever behind on pictures (its my main reason to blog, so delays or totally hinders my bloogging) and uploading them so I can share.

Its been a crazy summer. My inlaws are coming for a visit tomorrow from Ohio. They called the other night to let us know that they are on their way…

And ive lost some weight! My pre pregnancy jeans are just about falling off. Which means, I HAVE to get my cloths out of storage before winter. And then it will be my turn for laundrypalouza.
Thank you stress, FMS, and minor amounts of exorcise via horseback riding. Although I do need to get to the barn on a regular basis. Oh, and I need to get some blood work done…..


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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