Two more days

Yep. And she will be 2.
Can’t hardly believe it.
Crap I’m tired.
Everyone is sick with the cough – except me so far. Mark brought it home 2 weeks ago and shared it. Nadia just started really coughing today.
I’ve had some stomach bug the last week and can’t eat much. Wish I could vomit.
I did a bunch of baking for 3 weeks and 6 days of knitting Mochimochi ornaments for the tree.
Started seeing a chiropractor.
Found out I might have ruptured a disc in my neck. The X-ray looked gruesome. Anyway, there is some calcifications and stuff and that might be what’s causing all the back and shoulder issues this year. It’s feeling better with 3 apt so far and no major tweaking. I miss the Osteopath in Omaha, but this chiropractor is nice and is not forcing anything. That and he released something yesterday that left me feeling rather stoned o.O


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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