It’s gone to the dogs

Today has been one of those wasted days spent at the Doctors office.
The kind where you show up 15 minutes early only to fin out you are early, and then to wait.
And wait
And wait…
I think I waited for an hour.
At least the nurse let me use the bathroom somewhere in the middle.
I could have spent that time knitting.
Or reading. Or something else but sitting there feeling anxious.
The day had to be rescheduled.
Nadia napped. I snuggled with her for a while until the big kids woke us up.
Then there was dinner. And Jim still had one more call to do.
So waiting for him. Everyone else ate dinner.
Now we find out that a C section we were planning on for next week might actually happen tonight.
Waiting on the autoclave to unfreeze…
So much waiting. It’s almost like the waiting for Nadia…
I could have been knitting… o.O


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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