One month at a time or why cows don’t bark

Last month was a blur
Stitches West was a bit of a blur too. I didn’t see anything new this year, but I did manage to stick to my yarn purchase guidelines. It had to be a bast fiber. First one I spotted I snatched up. I was glad I did. Last year when I saw a yarn at the same booth and went back later, they didn’t have what I wanted.
Also, completely by accident,I managed to find a coordinating brown to finish Nadia’s little cape with.
The current trend seems to be project bags. I purchased two on a discount. I have been thinking about making my own, but I never seem to get it together. These bags also made me think about features and methods of construction I might not have thought about on a first go.

Nadia was super the whole trip. AND! She started teething again on 4 new molars. I was super happy I had Tylenol along. I ended up needing more for the trip home. The top 2 were in by the time we got home. She even let us see them!

I started thinking about school again. While I was visiting my mom, we went to San Francisco and I took a tour of the Academy of Art. They have an online program that I could take to get a degree. The cost is really high. The courses look like fun, and I do like the philosophy of learning from people who actually work in the industry you are studying. My mom had read some bad reviews, and the overall cost scares me.
This would be a whole new direction(not that if I went back to UW River Falls I wouldn’t be spending the same amount of time in the degree field I already have!). I never though art was an option – but I never thought I would have physical limitations either.

So a lot has been going on in February. Not much has happened in March. Except winter finally came.


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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