Mother’s Day

Overall it has been a good day. Nothing much done. Which is usual as of late for Nadia and I.
We waited all week on a c section to occur. It finally did Saturday.
Yesterday – huh. Seems so long ago.
Friday Jim created a netting fence across the deck to keep Nadia on the deck. She happily ran about tripping over everything possible while he constructed. I just wanted to get warm an knit.

With the rain/snow/summer sunshine weather issues these last 2 or so weeks, it makes it hard to stay focused and felling up for anything. Ill start to feel really good and optimistically walk, or start planning a new knitting project. Allergies, bloody noses, FMS et al… Don’t particularly care for the 10-40 degree temperature changes.

So I have been working on my sock. I tried the shadow wrap short row on the toe, and I’m thinking about using the Sweet Tomato heel. It also uses a variation of the shadow wrap, but gives a smoother heel cup. It just didn’t seem right to be making the same pocket for my heel as I do my toes. And on that note, I have been pondering that shaping as well. I have yet to see a toe that I really like more than the short row toe. I did use a different provisional cast on that actually worked the way I wanted it to.

I have all this Yarn that is somewhat organized now. It all needs patterns. I can’t seem to find what I want, or what goes with the yarn.
I purchased Sally Melville’s new book on my Nook. Knitting Patten Essentials. So far it seems a pretty decent workbook. The patterns she gives in the back are probably more to my moms taste, but that wasn’t the whole purpose for buying the book.
I suppose I should get Fit to Flatter next. I think that one is by Amy Herzog.
To my understanding, it is about the same things as Knitting Pattern Essentials. Although, I think the first book gives you more tools to make your own patterns instead of just modifying them. I could be wrong. Which is one reason I want the other book too.
Anyway. I need to start another sweater soon. Chances are I will draft the pattern. I love all the math and planning that goes into that, but I also just want o get started already.
But in my searching for patterns on Ravelry, I have come up with some neat ideas that I would like to try out.

I hope this sock yarn wears well. US 1 takes a long time to knit them on…


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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