Monday blues


I have been negligent with posting pictures, so I took this one just now while I was thinking of it.
The use of the tank top helped compare the rate of decreases to a comfortable arm hole. Haha. I can’t spell to correct term armscyth or something, and autocorrect is clueless.

Most of the day has been spent picking up, making meals, changing diapers, and attempting to coerce Nadia into a nap. In the process of all this, I found Emma, Nadia’s doll. I need to make her some cloths. I searched for a romper pattern and found a simple one. I was not in the mood to fiddle and make my own pattern. I can do that for other patterns. This one I want for under clothes since my knitted underwear flopped.

Nap time failed again today. Libby came home from her friends and decided to ask me a question just as I was getting Nadia asleep… This has been the general case during the school year, but half the time I can get a nap in somewhere. With school out, there is no squeezing unless I take Nadia for a drive. Which leads to other difficulties.

Mondays are always a circus. Trash night. Big chore night… Except no child did their chores until trash time… And then Mark talked Libby into helping him. He typically does not do the trash when it’s his turn. Sigh.

Why am I writing? I should be knitting, or at least looking for some white/ish fabric to clothe Emma in…


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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