Busy bee


Second time is a charm for writing this post – about a week later. Haha.

Mini hand pies with a cream cheese and rhubarb filling. OMG. So incredibly good. They froze much better than they did in the fridge.
These are a gluten free version from the ones at Smitten Kitchen. And I used a pastry cutter instead of a cookie cutter. You can make any size you want to. Took me a while to find one in a store. Go figure it was at Bed Bath and Beyond. — way Beyond.

I did sew Emma a onsie/romper. I’m still working on it. Finishing the seams and the snaps. It’s very snug and needed some reinforcing.
I ended up using a cloth diaper for the fabric. I cut the serged ends off and ripped out the seams and the inner padding, then ironed it.
I may take all the diapers apart sometime…

Holy cow! I had a fantastic idea and we pulled it off! Twice!
I have been lamenting the lack of horse time (4 months worth) and no baby sitter to help fix it. Jim and Libby have been wanting to go biking. So!
We packed up the horse trailer and went to the Eau Pleine county forest (or something) and we all rode together! 3 bikes, 1 toddler trailer, and 1 horse.
It worked so well we did it 2 days later.
We plan on doing it again as soon as the trails dry a little from the last set of thunder storms.
And I may have to shoe my horse. Haha. The trails are granite and wore her toes down a bit.

I thought I had finished my tunic today. I might yet tonight.
I knit the back neck and shoulder shaping and then tried it on. The shoulders are too long and I cast off for the neck too soon. So I just ripped it all back.
It looked like the back needs o be longer than the front from the arms up so that the waist shaping will stay level. Odd, but ok, I’ll give I a try. I can always rip more on this one. And I may yes have to decrease the front shoulders at the neck edge more… It looked a little tight in the back.
We shall see…


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Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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