Creativity or OCD?

I have spent the last 3 hours working on my fab idea. It has led me to believe someone else thought of it first after all.
I did find a neat way to measure your heel width!
I used one of Jim’s woodworking clamps, then measured the distance between it after squeezing it on my heel.

Jim has been busy working on the dive shaft to the truck again. Nadia was not enthusiastic about the air compressor.
Everything is back together and Jim is test driving now.
Some of the parts we picked up had issued, so it’s been frustrating.

I hate the weather. Pollen sucks.

About Elisa

I am an obsessive compulsive knitter and a new parent. I work mostly part time as a large animal veterinary technician with my husband. Life has thrown us some giant curve balls and we moved back to Wisconsin in 2008. We are slowly coming to grips with the arctic winters and fantasize about moving to some tropical paradise and raise our 3 children.
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