I’m sitting in bed with Nadia , my 2 year old daughter, waiting for her to fall back to sleep. The wind outside is doing its usual hug and rattle the house sounds. Kavyn, the 13 year old cat, is sitting about a yard away on my bed grooming herself. She is a tiny Maine Coon cat, 7 pounds, but is missing non of the fur.
The neighbors fan, supposedly in their attic, is making its usual winter gratingly annoying siren/steam roller sounds.
In the next room Libby just got into bed, muttering something about her Nintendo DS and plugging it in. One more room down the hall is Mark, watching a show on the internet, or a DVD. His door is typically closed, he sits a yard from his tv, and the sound is on enough that I can listen to the show as if it’s in my room.
Just now, Liadan an early adopted barn cat, calls down the hallway in her loud almost lion like meow. She sounds ginormous calling this way. She has just captured an empty toilet paper roll, and like a good little kitty who loves her baby, is bringing it down the hallway and into our bedroom. She brings her spoils for Nadia, not realizing that she might wake her up. Tonight, Nadia lifted her head and looked over my legs to check on Liadan. Then promptly went back to sleep.

All I did knit wise today was cast on for a sleeve. That was on the way to Wausau to shop for the kids. Winter jackets were procured at one store. Then we went to the next store that has nicer clothes and found some jeans. Libby and I rummages to clearance racks first and I found a skirt and a pair of jeans on sale. They had a shirt I had wanted a while ago on sale, disappointingly it was an XL. I wear a S.
Then Wendy’s for dinner. Yum. Love their salads. And. Quick stop for DS games. Now home.

I feel like I walked a gazilion miles. Some how my 5,936 steps only equates to 2.44 miles. So sayith my fit bit. I’d like to walk more miles a day. Right now I have my goal set for a number of steps, and I meet that when I go out, or do some house cleaning or light exorcise in the house. So I know that I am increasing my activity. I should start tracking my food again to make sure I’m not over consuming while I adjust my activity level. Some times I like doing that, sometimes it just seems a little too OCD. And FIt Bit sucks on the food tracking. I much better prefer Lose!it. They have a barcode scanner now. That makes it totally awesome.
Ok. Nadia is zonked. Time for me to go do some thing.
Maybe start that sleeve cap…


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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