Knitting new

I don’t see 1/1 as being a true New Year. There are many different New Years from Chinese New Year, to Halloween, and even Yule.
This year, for me, I see my birthday as a good beginning for a new year.
There is a good amount of time after the holidays to reflect on the past as well as on the holiday extras – cookies and pies to be exact this year.

Last Year I had thought about returning to school via and online course. I even visited the physical school in San Francisco while in the Bay Area with my Mom “for Stitches”.
It was very inspiring, but not for me at this time. ADHD + Toddler does not equal good study habits. Especially for an expensive school.

I have thought about doing something for the last 10 years. At most times it has been in an unreachable realm. Unrealistic and vain I suppose.
Now it seems to be the perfect time and opportunity.

I am talking about completing The Knitters Guild of Association’s Master Hand Knitting Program.
There are 3 levels. I would like (and hope) to finish all 3 by this time next year. However there is no due date.


With the winter ending up so extreme, Nadia needed new mittens. Jim’s sweater sleeve took a break, and I knit a pair of lined mitts. No thumbs. It’s just too cold to have them.


I washed and fulled them a little. It took a while to get them dry.

I am back to working on sleeve #1 (take 2). The body is finished and shoulders bound off since Thanksgiving. Knitting a whole sleeve and finding that it didn’t work out is a little disheartening.

I have also spent way too much time browsing Ravelry. Looking for ideas and patterns. Of course.

Non Knitting

Still having problems with my neck. I see a chiropractor every week, which helps, but is getting expensive. Especially with the new year and a new deductible.
My Dr sent me to see a Bone and Joint specialist – who wouldn’t see me before when it was for FMS, but will now for a herniated disk. Haha.
Now I have supplements to take for a while.
Next up is a Neurologist. Have not seen one in 10 years. It would be fantastic if I could have an appointment be for Stitches. It’s not looking like that will happen.

Jim build me a prayer bench for the family room. Now I can kneel on the floor and sit on the bench and my legs won’t fall asleep. It also has the added bonus of keeping my hips and spine in proper alignment. The couch is not designed for the vertically challenged such as myself.
The bench really helps my neck, and enables me to knit more comfortably.

Now I just need better weather


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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