If only

Spring sprang short. Winter’s still clinging on for the week. I hope that this is the last breath. Nadia and I both desperately need to get outside and get some Vitamin D. As well as exorcise.
Next week is predicted to be in the 60’s. We just might get to the barn and see Dreamer.

I finished knitting that pair of socks I started and frogged and started again with a different stitch pattern. I think I started them while visiting my Mom for Stitches West. I know I was really into the first sock on the plane home.
So, yeah. They are done. Well kind of. I did the bind off on each cuff differently. The last cuff I liked better. So I need to pick out the first cuff and rip back a few rows and re knit and bind off. Then they will be done.

Swatching. Endlessly. I seem to want to start to make All The Things. But can’t really get past this step. Blah.

I suppose the swatching bug is a good thing. I think I’ll be doing that for quite a while yet. I ordered the yarn for my masters course. 16 swatches. Wow. And 1 project. That will be fun. And reports. Lots of reports. Haha. Good thing my Mac is up and running!

With the yarn order I also included a skein of that new sock yarn, Hawthorn. It looks Soo pretty. I can’t wait to see it and see how it knits up. Ha! Like I need more sock yarn. I think my stash is 90% sock yarn. …

Life other wise has been pretty boring. Dealing with migraines and fibro flares. Spring weather is just fantastic for both conditions. Lucky for me both love my heating pad and blanket. So a lot of afternoons are spent with Nadia in the bedroom watching movies and documentaries soaking up some heat.


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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