Socks and rain

I have not finished that re bind off of the green socks. I have to pick out the sewn bind off and pick up stitches and rip back…

I saw these socks


And JUST had to keep the knitting momentum going right now.
I pulled out a ball of Cascade Heritage Hand painted sock yarn that I’ve had since I was pregnant. I swatched… And swatched. I thought Owlie socks would be cute. But not full Owlie socks. I AM on a partial-mostly cable ban.
It took a little thought and trial and error and some research. I’ve used the short row toe up for 10 or so years. As long as I have knit toe up socks.



That’s pretty much where I am now, plus a few rounds. I stopped short of adding as many stitches as I has originally calculated for. Normally my socks are about 64 sts on US 2. I think the green socks were US 1. These socks are on a US 1.5. 80+ stitches seemed a bit much. So I left it at 70.

My online research says the toe is called a square toe. It’s more like a rectangle.
I think the next time I try using it, I will use a size up on starting the rectangle, then go down to the needle I want when I pick up the stitches all around. I think that might help it not to pucker. The stitches are so tight. Not that it really matters over that little inch, but I think it would look better.

It’s migraine season. Preventatives have been on the increase for the last few months. Now the Neuro has added a rescue. It’s a triangle shaped pill. The directions say to take 1/4 to 1 pill… How the heck can you devise such a pill into 1/4?! I could barely divide it into 1/3. Crazy pharmaceutical companies.

Last week we did have 1 day that reached 70. Beautiful. Nadia napped in the car and we ran some errands and had some ice cream. I can’t wait until I can start going out for walks!


About Elisa

Life changes. Its not easy. I have made a few U turns and found myself Home. Lets see how it goes and maybe throws in some knitting
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