February has flown by
Transportation to the East Bay went extremely well
Family experiences with Nadia have been fantastic
The kind that make you want to pick up and move closer
The down side right now is that she started coughing on the plane
Then ran a fever
Her personality returned to normal in about 2 days and she has been running me crazy
Then on day 2 I started having problems
It’s been a bumpy ride
Cough syrup does not go well with medication
Unless you like being sick and loopy

On the knitting front – I’m at the cuff of the sleeve. I frogged a sock and started it over. I’m still at the toe. I brought along a Tshirt I started last year from bamboo yarn I bought last year while visiting after Stitches.

I am trying to prepare myself for Stitches. It’s going to be very interesting with a 3 year old and this cold (sinus infection?) and FMS acting up.
I have another day. Need more walks.

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It’s all white

The Republicans can’t argue Global Warming anymore… Well, at least that we have had a disastrous impact on our environment over the last 10 years. Significant proof is obviously the last 2 years of weather.

We purchased Chasing Ice before Christmas and watched it at home and at my In Laws in Ohio.
Beautiful and scary documentary movie.

What does that have to do with Today?

There is at least 2 feet of snow on my back deck right now. This is of course after 4 months of sublimation and more snow.
I think snow is beautiful. There is something magical about it. Even without Christmas involved. Now that I live in Wisconsin, it’s even more obvious.

I spent 10 years in Nebraska and thought there was never enough snow. I never had the opportunity to go sledding.
My first winter here not only did I go tubing, but I went “skiing” twice.

I love seeing all the seasons here as well. However, they are not all equally divided. Typically Winter is the longest. The longest and coldest winter I remember was 2010. When Nadia was born.

This year,2013, has just been COLDER. I think “at least there is snow, and it lends beauty”. It lends a sort of insulation. One that can only be enjoyed visually right now.


The weather makes me wish I could knit as fast as I used to. I could be enjoying 4 sweaters, give or take. Or 1 Orenburg shawl, knit and spun.

Mostly it makes me want more color and scarves around my neck.
Which seems to be the normal sentiment in Blogville.
I have spent most of my time looking for something to knit, or for inspiration for my own designs.
I have found inspiration in a type of short row knitting called Swing Knitting.
Oh the shawls/wraps/scarves!

Stitches West is fast approaching. As is my trip to visit my Mother. Haha!
Stitches is the excuse we use to visit. It’s amazing that a yarn convention is stronger than any other holiday. We are SO lucky it does NOT coincide with a holiday, otherwise I’m sure there would be a zillion scheduling conflicts.

Have you ever been in a mood where you desperately want to knit, need to knit something, but have nothing you want to have those emotions/memories knit into?
I guess that would be a perfect time to knit those swatches, but then they might not be correct for some people, myself included.

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Knitting new

I don’t see 1/1 as being a true New Year. There are many different New Years from Chinese New Year, to Halloween, and even Yule.
This year, for me, I see my birthday as a good beginning for a new year.
There is a good amount of time after the holidays to reflect on the past as well as on the holiday extras – cookies and pies to be exact this year.

Last Year I had thought about returning to school via and online course. I even visited the physical school in San Francisco while in the Bay Area with my Mom “for Stitches”.
It was very inspiring, but not for me at this time. ADHD + Toddler does not equal good study habits. Especially for an expensive school.

I have thought about doing something for the last 10 years. At most times it has been in an unreachable realm. Unrealistic and vain I suppose.
Now it seems to be the perfect time and opportunity.

I am talking about completing The Knitters Guild of Association’s Master Hand Knitting Program.
There are 3 levels. I would like (and hope) to finish all 3 by this time next year. However there is no due date.


With the winter ending up so extreme, Nadia needed new mittens. Jim’s sweater sleeve took a break, and I knit a pair of lined mitts. No thumbs. It’s just too cold to have them.


I washed and fulled them a little. It took a while to get them dry.

I am back to working on sleeve #1 (take 2). The body is finished and shoulders bound off since Thanksgiving. Knitting a whole sleeve and finding that it didn’t work out is a little disheartening.

I have also spent way too much time browsing Ravelry. Looking for ideas and patterns. Of course.

Non Knitting

Still having problems with my neck. I see a chiropractor every week, which helps, but is getting expensive. Especially with the new year and a new deductible.
My Dr sent me to see a Bone and Joint specialist – who wouldn’t see me before when it was for FMS, but will now for a herniated disk. Haha.
Now I have supplements to take for a while.
Next up is a Neurologist. Have not seen one in 10 years. It would be fantastic if I could have an appointment be for Stitches. It’s not looking like that will happen.

Jim build me a prayer bench for the family room. Now I can kneel on the floor and sit on the bench and my legs won’t fall asleep. It also has the added bonus of keeping my hips and spine in proper alignment. The couch is not designed for the vertically challenged such as myself.
The bench really helps my neck, and enables me to knit more comfortably.

Now I just need better weather

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I’m sitting in bed with Nadia , my 2 year old daughter, waiting for her to fall back to sleep. The wind outside is doing its usual hug and rattle the house sounds. Kavyn, the 13 year old cat, is sitting about a yard away on my bed grooming herself. She is a tiny Maine Coon cat, 7 pounds, but is missing non of the fur.
The neighbors fan, supposedly in their attic, is making its usual winter gratingly annoying siren/steam roller sounds.
In the next room Libby just got into bed, muttering something about her Nintendo DS and plugging it in. One more room down the hall is Mark, watching a show on the internet, or a DVD. His door is typically closed, he sits a yard from his tv, and the sound is on enough that I can listen to the show as if it’s in my room.
Just now, Liadan an early adopted barn cat, calls down the hallway in her loud almost lion like meow. She sounds ginormous calling this way. She has just captured an empty toilet paper roll, and like a good little kitty who loves her baby, is bringing it down the hallway and into our bedroom. She brings her spoils for Nadia, not realizing that she might wake her up. Tonight, Nadia lifted her head and looked over my legs to check on Liadan. Then promptly went back to sleep.

All I did knit wise today was cast on for a sleeve. That was on the way to Wausau to shop for the kids. Winter jackets were procured at one store. Then we went to the next store that has nicer clothes and found some jeans. Libby and I rummages to clearance racks first and I found a skirt and a pair of jeans on sale. They had a shirt I had wanted a while ago on sale, disappointingly it was an XL. I wear a S.
Then Wendy’s for dinner. Yum. Love their salads. And. Quick stop for DS games. Now home.

I feel like I walked a gazilion miles. Some how my 5,936 steps only equates to 2.44 miles. So sayith my fit bit. I’d like to walk more miles a day. Right now I have my goal set for a number of steps, and I meet that when I go out, or do some house cleaning or light exorcise in the house. So I know that I am increasing my activity. I should start tracking my food again to make sure I’m not over consuming while I adjust my activity level. Some times I like doing that, sometimes it just seems a little too OCD. And FIt Bit sucks on the food tracking. I much better prefer Lose!it. They have a barcode scanner now. That makes it totally awesome.
Ok. Nadia is zonked. Time for me to go do some thing.
Maybe start that sleeve cap…

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Eh… Parent teacher conferences

That time of year. First quarter is over.
It went well.

It’s gotten cold. I need to start knitting faster. My hands and feet are doing their blue thing.
I’m thinking about jumping on the fingerless mitt bandwagon.

I’m still surfing Ravelry looking for inspiration. In the process I have found some amazing projects. And they recently posted a link for non published work. Wow.

I am now up to date on my rabies shots. Haha. A week and a half ago a stray cat bit me pretty good. Tests also came back negative, so now I don’t have to go back and get more shots.
The bite swelled up a little and I was not able to knit for a few days and then there was no knitting left in me.
This week I finished the back of Jim’s sweater and started on the front. The whole thing still looks terribly small. I keep holding it up to Jim and checking it and everything looks right on him. It’s amazing how deceiving ribbing can be.

I am now a happy owner of a Fitbit flex. I am hoping it will encourage me to exorcise more. So far it’s tracking my sleep pretty well. The food selection needs improvement as does the synching with other apps like Loseit! Loseit has a fantastic new function. It can scan bar codes to input the nutrition info and has a great restaurant database. Eh.

I need to get back to some knitting

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Time for an upgrade

I think my phone was about to explode with all the data it held. Mostly pictures – extremely hard to ferret out the most important to keep in memory. After loading them into iPhoto of course.

I went for the snazzy new iPhone with the thumb print scanner. Hopefully this will prevent Nadia from accessing anything on the phone. ? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

So most of my time has been spent trolling Ravelry. First for sweater ideas for Jim, then for shawl/scarf/wrap/blanket ideas. I have learned how to better search for what I’m looking for and Ravelry is constantly adding new functions. It feels like I have been a member for aeons, I can’t remember a time that they have added so much in such short spurts of time.
The other thing I noticed… Some of the “famous” bloggers everyone reads, somehow manage to knit over 200 projects since they have joined. This is on top of work and family/social lives. Makes me feel lame. Haha! Then again one of these speedy knitters can whip out some of the most complex cable sweaters in super baggy jacket style in less than 2 months it seems. There was a time that I knit an extra large men’s sweater, the yoke had some basic wavelike cables, in a month while at work.
Then I remember my sons sweater that took me a year to knit while I was in school, summer vacation and then through a pregnancy. And he was small then!!

I have made it past the divide for front and back on Jim’s sweater. I have been looking at this squishy mass and constantly measuring it. On the needle it looks like it would fit me just fine (34″) and not so much Jim (43″)…and he wanted it long. My first worry has been that I did not order enough yarn. Then I keep thinking about steam blocking what I have… Then the other day I held it up to his back to check the length. Looks fine so far!

Now to get past this current episode of knitters block

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Second day of school

And finally FINALLY we have wonderful weather.
It’s perfect out right now.
Sitting in the car knitting while Nadia naps.
Trying not to fall asleep myself. It’s a bit hard – except for the jerking shock of an electric like bolt through my body as I start to doze…

Started a sweater for Jim … 3 times! Haha.

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